8 Amazing QR Code Apps for Android in 2023

QR Code Apps for Android

What’s a smartphone without a QR code app or a QR code scanner ability? We all know the answer to that, more difficulties and hassle in everyday applications.

Thanks to the operating system device (iPhone or Android) designed to scan QR codes with great ease.

With that, we’ll be discussing the various types of QR code apps for android in this article.

What is QR Code?

The QR in the QR code means ‘quick response.’ It is simply a barcode that stores data and is also machine-readable, i.e., a digital device can interpret it.

A QR code has squares, and this square-shaped grid contains the information stored. However, it allows you to access information only when you scan it.

A QR code usually contains data for a tracker, link, or identifier that directs you to a website or account.

They have four encoding modes used in storing data: numeric, alphanumeric, kanji, and binary.

Furthermore, they are one-dimensional barcodes because the scanner or digital device accesses the information horizontally, in one dimension.

The QR code became a popular trend due to its fast response and reliability. Everyone needs to know how to scan QR codes, especially with mobile devices.

They’re also very more accessible than standard barcodes because you can use your smartphone to scan them.

Hence, we will discuss the QR code apps for android that are very much in use.

QR Code Apps for Android

1. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

Kaspersky is a famous cybersecurity company, and therefore the essential feature of this app is security. 

This app protects you from QR codes that contain a dangerous link that exposes you to malware. It thereby ensures safety in scanning QR codes with its mobile app.

Anytime you scan a QR code using this app, It stores all your data for easy access. It also saves all QR codes that you have scanned while using the app.

No wonder it’s one of the best QR code apps for android because it’s safe to access and stores scanned QR codes.

Download Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

2. Neoreader

Neoreader is a QR code reader that can scan all types of barcodes, such as Aztec codes, code 128, data matrix, and PDF 417.

With this app, you can access its functions with just one click while taking a small part of your device’s memory.

You can save or share the content through email, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS whenever you scan a QR code. Interestingly, it keeps a complete history of QR code scans, allowing easy reference. 

Neoreader is also a good choice for QR codes app for android, although ads may be frustrating at times. However, you can pay a small token if you wish to remove the ads.

Download Neoreader

3. QR Droid

This QR code app for android only is from DroidLa developers. It is an excellent tool if you want to generate your QR codes for sharing contacts and bookmarks.

Plus, it has a function that enables you to access and organize your scan code history.

QR Droid app is easy to use and scan. Also, it comes with a widget for onscreen access on your mobile device, sweet!

Download QR Droid

4. Barcode Reader

This app is one of the oldest QR code scanners, and it supports different types of barcodes like ISBN.

One of its many features is using your smartphone camera to scan codes. Tap the ‘start scan’ menu and direct the camera to the QR code to scan a code.

Your camera must be in perfect alignment with the barcode to scan correctly.

Furthermore, it’s a great app that enables users to save and share QR code scans through SMS, Facebook, email, etc.

Download Bar-Code Reader

5. i-nigma

Although this app is a QR code scanner, it can read other barcodes such as UPC, EAN, and others. One of its sweet charms is its fast response to QR code scanning.

Open the i-nigma app, point your smartphone camera to the QR code, and snap, easy peasy.

Moreover, this app works flawlessly and does wonders in scanning customized QR codes, excellent quality, I must say. In addition, it saves all the content of your scanned QR codes.

One of the best QR code apps for android that is free!.

Download i-nigma

6. QuickMark

One of the main features of QuickMark is bulk scanning. You can also adjust the scanning frame in this app; that’s one of its many tricks.

It gives users access to create and customize their QR codes which are very easy to set up.

Now, let’s assume you want to scan multiple QR codes to save the URLs; you can scan all the QR codes and still store their content later.

However, this feature is not free; it costs a fee of $1.99. QuickMark app is free on android devices, so make sure you try this experience!.

Download Quickmark

7. ScanMe

The ScanMe app is another type of QR code app for android. You can use your phone device camera to scan codes and barcodes.

Furthermore, its many features make it one of the best QR code apps for android devices; read ahead.

It also has a feature that organizes a list of all your past scans. The app can also decode a stored picture of a saved code, and it works just good fun, right?

Although this app isn’t free, you can download the former version if you want a plain QR code reader.

Download Scan

8. Zapper

Last but not least is Zapper. It is one of the best QR code apps for android devices that we can use to make payments.

Here’s how it works – Open the zapper app, and you’ll see a menu to fill in your personal information. After that, choose your payment method, and you’re ready to go, easy as pie!

Zapper ensures safe payment, and your card details are secure. With Zapper, your device can also serve as your credit card.

Tracking your receipt, splitting bills with friends, and getting access to numerous discounts are one of its many fun features.

Further, it’s one of the free QR code apps for androids that can serve an excellent use for you.

Download zapper

Applications of QR codes

You might wonder, ‘why should I download QR code apps for android on my device?’. QR codes now have a wide range of applications in this modern age.

It’ll be of great wonder what your smartphone can do for you to promote your business and life generally.

There are a few applications of QR codes, and they include advertising strategy, commercial tracking, product marketing, etc.


I hope you understand what QR code is, its wide range of uses, and how it’s applicable in our everyday life.

Getting a QR code app for android users should now be easier as there’s a detailed list above.

Go for what works for you and your purpose and enjoy a stress-free experience.

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