Quickteller Paypoint Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Quickteller Paypoint Agent

Quickteller Paypoint is the trade name of the IFIS (Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services) sites. Everything is in one place where you can access and purchase all products/services provided by IFIS Ltd.

Sign up to become a Quickteller Payments Site and start providing financial services.

The agent has access to various commissions and incentives to offer services to clients such as bill payment, fund transfer, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, insurance, and refills by air.

Who is a Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

The Quickteller Paypoint trade name refers to Interswitch Financial Inclusive Services (IFIS) outlets located in different countries.

They are all gathered in one place where customers can access all products and services provided by IFIS. It is an initiative of the entities to offer digital financial assistance to more than 50 million citizens.

As an agent, you will manage payment points on behalf of Quickteller and earn various attractive benefits and commissions. This business opportunity is available to everyone if they meet specific requirements and are ready to invest in it.

As a Quickteller Paypoint agent, you will be able to manage Paypoint for Quickteller. You will have access to various attractive commissions and incentives by offering clients financial services such as bill payment, fund transfer, deposits cash, cash withdrawals, insurance, and overpayments by air.

Quickteller Paypoint is the trading name for IFIS agent locations. Everything is in one place where you can access and purchase all products/services provided by IFIS Ltd.

IFIS (Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services) is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to offer digital financial services to bring essential financial assistance to non-bank / underserved Nigerians’ doorstep.

The latter is currently estimated to be over fifty million adults.

What Transactions Can Be Made on Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

The following services are available at all Quickteller payment points:

  • Hourly recharge (all networks)
  • Payment/settlement of bills (electricity bill, water bill, waste bill, DStv, GOtv, start times, actv, state / local taxes/fees, inheritance permit, etc.)
  • Transfer funds (send and receive money from anyone across the country)
  • Open an account at any bank.
  • Payments: insurance premiums, plane tickets, embassies, etc.
  • Deposit of funds (cash) on own account or the third-party account
  • Withdrawing funds (withdrawing cash) from your account

Who Can Become a Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

Quickteller Paypoint Agent

People, SMEs, institutions, etc. can become a Quickteller Paypoint agent by registering and submitting the required documentation. The requirements are based on the agent necessary class, eg. For example. Classic, standard, and prestigious.

Natural persons and unlisted companies (general/collective agents) are included in the Classic category.

MSMEs, family shops, beauty salons, supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, etc. are included in the Standard category; while

Large companies such as gas stations, drugstore chains, fast food outlets (restaurants), etc. are included in the prestige category. Institutions with structures such as the MFB also fall into the Prestige category.

Having an existing business that attracts a reasonable audience is an essential requirement. Besides, it must have a physical location easily accessible to people and an acceptable means of identification.

Legal entities and institutions will also need company registration/establishment documents.

Benefits of Being a Quickteller Paypoint Agent

  • Additional Income / Commissions from IFIS Services: – Agents earn an attractive commission for all QuickTeller services, an extra income line for agent activities.
  • The guaranteed volume of transactions thanks to the rich bouquet of products and services.
  • Increased sales due to increased impact
  • Good brand integration: – Interswitch brand and growing IFIS network
  • Guaranteed training and dedicated field assistance
  • Full branding and marketing support
  • Social significance for the community – Financial inclusion services

Quickteller Paypoint Registration Conditions

Interested investors should ensure that they have the following qualities and requirements:

  • Must be able to read and write
  • You must have a working Android compatible mobile phone
  • You must have an existing physical store or commercial establishment
  • Contract/contract form and completed invoice file
  • Copy of identity card or equivalent (driving license, voting card, national identity card, international passport)
  • Passport-size photo
  • Proof of address (utility bills e.g., PHCN, LAWMA, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, etc.)
  • Financial/bank account details or statements
  • Paragraphs 1-8 above should be conventional or standard IFIS agents. However, the company registration documents must be a Prestige IFIS agent.
  • Minimum initial capital requirement of N10,000 (this amount is not a tax, but your trading capital to be allocated to your portfolio immediately after setup)
  • Quick registration of the place of payment

How do I start a Quickteller Paypoint Agent Business?

  • Make sure you have a functional tool/device (smartphones with Android 4.4)
  • Complete and submit the registration form
  • Provide the required KYC documents
  • Specify the minimum operating capital required
  • Receive verification and configuration details
  • Register for training
  • Receive starter kit and marked materials
  • Documents will also be required to initiate live transactions.

What is the Agent Setup/Registration Process?

  • The agent completes and submits the IFIS Agent Registration Form / Agreement.
  • The agent provides the minimum initial capital of the agent (N10,000). – Agent deposits funds into the active IFIS bank account with the agent’s minimum initial money by cash deposit or transfer of funds for subsequent credit to the agent’s IFIS account.
  • The agent’s department’s location and human resources are reviewed and certified by the IFIS Business Support Partner (BSP).
  • The agent’s IFIS account is activated, and the agent receives login information and a credit alert based on the agent’s initial capital deposited.

The agent follows IFIS Agent Banking training and receives the following configuration packages:

  • IFIS Certificate of Completion
  • IFIS ID for identification
  • Transaction log / register
  • Agent code
  • Brand materials
  • Table
  • The agent starts full operations.

How to get a Quickteller Paypoint Registration Form

To obtain a Quickteller Paypoint registration form and bank account information to pay the Quickteller registration fee, click here and contact IFIS via the site’s contact details.

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