10 Best Quran Apps for Android

Best Quran Apps for Android

Are you looking for some great Quran Apps for Android? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll share some of the best Quran Apps for Android.

There are many ways to read the Qur’an. Some people prefer reading from the original Arabic language, while others prefer listening to the translation.

Whatever way you choose to read or listen to the Qur’an, these apps have provided them. So, read on.

Here’s our list of Best Quran Apps for Android.

1. Al-Qur’an – The Holy Book (Free)

The first app on our list is a free Quran App with excellent features. It allows users to read and listen to the holy book in English and several other languages.

While opening the app for the first time, it asks you to choose your reading style.

It has more than 500 different translations of the holy book. You can also download the full text of the Qur’an and various audio files. Also, you can choose fonts and styles based on your preference.

You can memorize the Quran in the Al-Qur’an app by reading the verses. Then, you can hear to know if you got them right. You can also search for words, making accessibility easier.

2. Quran for Android

The next app on our list is an easy-to-use Quran app that lets you read the holy book either in Arabic or English. It comes with many translations and audio files which makes it very useful.

The app is available for both Android phones as well as tablets. Moreover, it supports offline mode so that you don’t need an internet connection to access it.

This app allows you to select between two modes; one for reading and another for listening. There are over 100 different translations of the holy books.

This app also offers you the facility to learn the Quran through lessons. These lessons help you understand the meaning of each verse.

3. Quran Tafsir

Another popular app among the Quran apps for Android is the Quran Tafsir app. This app helps you understand the meanings of the Quranic verses. It includes a wide range of topics like history, geography, and science.

This app uses the latest technology to make learning the Qur’an simple and fun. The app contains thousands of questions and answers related to the Qur’an.

Moreover, there are hundreds of videos explaining the Qur’an. You can also find a lot of interesting facts about Islam and Muslims.

This app is compatible with all Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

4. Quran Pro Muslim

If you want to get a complete Islamic experience, try out the Quran Pro Muslim app. This app is specially designed for those who want to study the holy book.

The app features a massive database of the Qur’an and comes with a built-in dictionary, grammar guide, and translator. It also allows you to listen to the holy book. You will be able to choose between multiple voices such as male, female, and children.

Furthermore, the app allows you to translate the Qur’an into any language.

5. iQuran Lite

The iQuran Lite app is yet another excellent app for reading the Qur’an. This app works on all Android devices and has been developed keeping in mind the common user’s needs.

The app is ideal for anyone looking to learn the Holy Book. It’s also perfect for those who want to share their love for the Qur’an with others. iQuran Lite comes with an extensive collection of audio files. It also offers you the ability to change the font size and color.

In addition, this app has a translation feature where you can easily switch from English to other languages.

6. MP3 Quran

The MP3 Quran app is a free app among the Quran apps for Android that lets you download the Qur’an in mp3 format. It is compatible with all Android phones and tablets.

You can also listen to the Qur’an while driving. It’s a great way to pass your time when commuting.

You can download the app from the Google Play store.

7. Tarteel

Tarteel is another excellent Qur’an app for Android and iOS users. The app is entirely free and does not need registration. It has a clean interface and a beautiful design.

The app has a search bar, making it easy to find specific passages. Also, many options are available in the app such as Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

The app also includes an offline mode, so you don’t have to worry about an internet connection.

8. Ajnadu

Ajnadu is one of the best Qur’an apps for Android. This app has been specifically designed for beginners. It comes with a simple layout and a clean interface. It also has a voice recorder option.

Moreover, this app provides you with various tools such as the ability to read the Qur’an in different modes. You can use the app to memorize verses or even practice recitation.

Additionally, the app has many translations that allow you to understand the meaning of the text.

9. Quran Majeed

Majeed is a free Qur’an app for Android. The app is very similar to Ajnadu mentioned above. However, unlike Ajnadu, this app doesn’t come with a voice recorder.

Nevertheless, it still has many useful features, including a dictionary, a translator, and a notepad. This app also has several exciting features like the ability to read the entire Qur’an in different languages.

Moreover, there is a setting where you can set the speed at which the Qur’an is being read.

10. Holy Quran (Read Free)

The Holy Quran app is another good choice if you’re looking for a free Qur’an reader. It has a clean and intuitive interface. Moreover, it offers you the ability to read the Holy Book in multiple languages.

The app also has several settings to customize the application’s appearance. It allows you to save your favorite verses. You can then access them later using the bookmark feature.

The app also supports offline reading. That means you won’t need to connect to the internet every time you want to open the app.

These features make the app a must-have tool for any Muslim who wants to learn more about Islam.


There are many different types of Quran apps available for Android devices. Some of them help people memorize verses, while others help users read the holy book. There are too many bad ones, so this article listed the best and most reliable ones. We hope it helps!

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