8 Best Quran Apps for iPhone in 2023

Best Quran Apps for iPhone

The Quran is the Holy book of Muslims, and it is romanized as Qur’an or Koran.

Muslims believe it is a revelation from God, making it a divine and magical book.

It lays down the law, commandments, and moral and social behavior codes.

The Quran is the same, but there are various Quran Apps for iPhone, and we have discussed them in this article.

Reading the Quran on the phone hasn’t been easier. Here is a list of amazing Quran Apps for iPhone: Read on 

1. Quran Majeed

 Quran Majeed is a multifunctional application with more than 35 million installs. This app offers users a digital version of the Holy Quran with many prospects to discover.

Also, the interface is user-friendly and shows accurate prayer times depending on your location. 

Another fantastic feature of the app is the in-app Qibla compass. It helps you to find the direction of Mecca for salah.

In this app, you’ll find the Hijri Calendar, Quran Tv, Madinah Live, Allah Names, Tasbeeh, and Halal places.

Further, there are features for reading the Quran in other languages. This tool includes the translation of 46 languages, including common languages.

Download Quran Majeed App

2. iQuran Lite 

iQuran Lite is also another Quran app for iPhone. Though it has some restrictions, it is an excellent tool for reading the Quran on your iPhone.

There is access to the full text of the Quran and its English translation after the application is launched. However, other languages are not supported on this interface. 

The application suggests Audio playback with a repetitive feature for users who enjoy listening to reading. And the reciter on this Interface is Sheikh Husary.

Download iQuran Lite App

3. MP3 Quran

MP3 Quran helps in listening to the text of the Holy Quran. You also enjoy many opportunities for the application.

The app’s interface always keeps the history of your recently played recitation. So, you can listen to Surahs or particular verses.

The app provides a great choice of more than 230 world-known reciters. After you find your most preferred reciter, you will be able to save the voice as a favorite to have easy access to all their chapters.

Moreover, this application is available in 15 languages. When particular chapters play, the app shows Masjid al-Haram and the Prophet’s Mosque in the background while listening.

Further, the app is unique because it is suitable for blind and visually impaired people. These users can talk to the tool by voice commands and use it without effort.

 Download MP3 Quran App 

4. Quran pro-Muslim 

The Quran pro-Muslim App has the biggest collection of audio reciters.

The interface offers translation in 36 different languages, it allows you to bookmark specific Ayahs and pages, and it works entirely offline. Its users on iOS devices have support for Airplay and CarPlay.

 Also, the app helps to have a digital version of the Quran on your device, and you can read it where and when needed.

It comes with audio recitations, phonetics, and colored Tajweed, and it supports more than 16 languages translation.

However, the app’s interface represents an accurate alarm on prayers according to your location. Every Adhan, you receive a notification for prayer. During Ramadan, it reminds you of Sahur and Iftar times.

Also, this app is capable of counting the Tasbeeh. It has a built-in Qibla compass that shows the direction of Mecca, the Hijri calendar, and more. 

Download Quran pro-Muslim App

5. Ayat Al Quran 

Ayat-Al Quran is a brilliant app for reading the text of the Holy Book. It completed six Tafsir viz: Al- Saa’di, Al-Tabary, Ibn- khatherer, Al- Waseef, Al-Qurtuby, and Al-Baghary.

The app enables you to search through the text by Suraju, Juz, or page number for better navigation.

Hence, there will be no difficulty in browsing needed fragments. This app also supports more than 20 language translations.

Moreover, when listening to the text, there is a chance to listen to recitations by famous people.

Corresponding text highlighted during the recitation playing, setting the number of repetitions and intervals will also be possible.

Besides, users will be able to view scanned copies of real printed Mosshaf, Al-Tajweed.

Download Ayat Al Quran App

6. Quran Kareem 

Quran Kareem is an app with no ads or premium upgrades. It offers free, smooth reading and supports more than 40 language translations.

It is available only on iOS and has the best scrolling experience between pages. This app repeats a verse several times for easy memorization. 

 Also, the app has Daily and Friday reminders for Surah Al – Waqia and Al-kahf.

It supports portrait and landscape views and is also a one-touch faster download. Its font size for Arabic script and translation is adjustable. 

Further, users can use the advanced search buttons to help them get to the desired page without any difficulty.

They can also resume their recitation at any time using the bookmarks option, as it helps to continue from where you stopped.

Download Quran Kareem App

7. Quran by Quran 

Quran by Quran.com is an application that offers a free, fully-featured version of the Quran.

It has audio recitations and bookmarking and supports more than 20 language translations and tafsir resources. Also, it is suitable for iOS and Android devices.  

The app supports Madani images and has a smooth and beautiful page transition. It has an accurate alarm on prayer times according to your location. It also notifies Sahur and Iftar during Ramadan.

Further, this app has features for reading the Quran in other languages National Languages. It also provides you with recordings of the Holy Quran radio.

 Download Quran by Quran App

8. Tarteel Voice 

Tarteel voice is among the amazing Quran apps for iPhone that offers a different set of features based on voice recognition.

This interface allows you to search the Quran by reciting a part or full of verses.

It allows you to view the Surah name and verse number. It gives the English translation and transliteration of that verse. 

Hence, the app guides in reading, reciting, memorizing, and understanding the Quran confidently using just voice. Tap the microphone, recite, and watch the verses appear on the screen. 

Tarteel creates an experience. It interacts with your recitation to help you make deep connections with the Quran. It is free to use, has no ads, and prioritizes user privacy.

Download Tarteel Voice App


With the amazing Quran Apps for iPhone listed and explained in the above content, you can read, recite, listen, and learn the Holy book and its teachings.

All the apps give the Holy Quran lessons, and it depends on your choice. Some give a translation, transliteration, and more.

However, we hope you found your go-to apps for having the prayer and reciting.

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