How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone and iPad?

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone and iPad

iOS 13 allows the Safari browser to capture a full-page screenshot. This is cool.

What about users that are still on older versions of iOS? You need not worry, this article got you covered.

This article will talk about the top three ways of taking a long screenshot on your iPhone and iPad.

Capturing Full Webpage screenshot

If you are using the latest iOS update, then you can use your Safari browser to capture a scrolling screenshot. And it’s easy.

But if you are still using an older version, there is still a way for you provided by Apple to take a full-page screenshot.

Below are the steps to get it done:

  • Open your Safari browser and head to the page you wish to screenshot, proceed with the normal screenshot by pressing the following key combination (power + home button), on non-face ID devices like the iPhone 6 while on a device like iPhone XS use the following combinations (volume up + power).
  • To preview the screenshot, tap on it.
  • To save the screenshot to the Files app, tap on the “Full page” option found in the upper.

You can be selective of the page you want by cropping after screen shotting the page. Note that it will save the screenshot in PDF format, meaning you cannot save it to Camera Roll.

Capturing Full-page Screenshot using Siri Shortcuts

Apple’s iOS Shortcuts, which was formerly known as Workflow is an automation app that allows a user to automate tasks.

For iOS 12 users, this app is your best bet to take a full-page screenshot at a go.

But for this to work, you will need to download the Shortcuts app, Apple developed the app so you need not be scared, and also get this shortcut Web Scrolling Screenshot in your Safari browser.

The shortcut will save the webpage as PDF and then convert it to image format, you can then combine the images and save it to Camera Roll.

You can choose to copy a page URL and proceed directly. if the web page requires login access, then you can open the page with Safari and then run the shortcut through Safari Share Sheet.

Capturing Long Screenshots using Siri Shortcut

Since Apple’s devices don’t come with built-in scrolling screenshot feature, your best shot is to capture multiple shots and combine them together.

Fortunately, there’s a way to save you the stress of doing it manually.

This gives you an option to remove the status bar from each shot automatically. Sounds cool, right?

To see how this works, see the steps below:

  • Get this shortcut app, Long Screenshot Stitcher
  • Within the app, tap to launch the app and select the screenshots you would want to combine
  • The shortcut app will give you a preview of the combined screenshot. And if you are not comfortable with it, you can select the last option to make a change on other parameters.
  • From what you can see from the screenshots, it enables you to adjust the width, the image order and it auto remove the top status bar.
  • Afterwards, you can save the image to Photos and get rid of the original screenshots.

Screenshot Stitcher App for iPhone

This app is used to patch different screenshots together to become one. It is a paid app which cost $1 for iPhone and iPad.

It also removes duplicate parts and sometimes it removes some part of the shots so it’s advisable to edit it manually for a good stitch.

That is all the methods you can use to take long screenshots on your iPhone and iPad. Tell us your best method amongst the once mentioned above.

You can also pitch in a method that worked well for you and not on this list. Tell us by using the comments section below.

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