10 Best Sites Like Pinterest

Sites Like Pinterest

If you are enthusiastic about knowing sites like Pinterest, you will like the list we’ve compiled for you.

All websites are just like Pinterest and offer incredible features such as allowing the creation of boards, sharing intriguing stuff, and exploring fascinating topics.

Here is a list of the top 10 sites like Pinterest for bloggers who love to share their blog posts and attract people to their blogs.

1. Juxtapost

Web address: http://www.juxtapost.com/

When there are conversations about the best sites like Pinterest on the internet, Juxtapost is regarded to be among the best. Juxtapost carries an incredible similarity to Pinterest in terms of features and interface.

If you like Pinterest for sharing your favorite topics, finding engaging posts, and bookmarking it for future recommendations, you will love Juxtapost as it provides nearly the same features.

There are many categories on Juxtapost that you can explore to discover your favorite content. If you uncover anything thrilling that you would love to read in the future, you can save it on your boards. You can also share, promote your content, and drop comments on what others have published.

Some additional features which make Juxtapost amongst the best adversaries of Pinterest are the choices for instant sharing, private boards, preview zoom, the means to export your favorite contents that you saved on your board, and more.

Aside from this, the feature you would appreciate the most is collaboration. This means that supposing you want to work on a project alongside a group of your colleagues.

You can effortlessly accomplish that by utilizing the post-board collaboration tool.

2. Dudepins

Web address: http://dudepins.com/

If you are a male, there isn’t any point surfing a website that is full of feminine content and does not add value to your life. If you are dumping Pinterest because it does not add value to your life and you are looking for something that has more of ‘Manly’ contents, Dudepins is the one for you.

The topics on Dudepins are well organized in several categories making it very easy to scan through your favourite contents and discover actual contents that interest you.

Aside from the categories, two extra options in the main menu include “Video” and “Trending” that assist you in discovering popular video contents and trending posts, respectively. Dudepins is a website like Pinterest but is entirely man-oriented.

3. We Heart It

Web address: http://weheartit.com/

“We heart It” is a site that is considered as one of Pinterest’s superior alternatives. “We Heart It” is a website that exceptionally motivates youth to communicate, share, and dissipate love with the love & heart images all together.

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Aside from this, “We Heart It” is a youth-oriented website, so things you will find there are going to be tasteful and trendy, and that includes fashion. If you’re seeking beauty, fashion, photography, or any other creativity Inspiration, “We Heart It” could be your final destination. Besides uncovering photos on “We Heart It,” you can also share your pictures if you want to.

To get started, you’re required to sign up on “We Heart It,” which is entirely free. After that, you can follow your favourite brands and individuals on “We Heart It” and so on.

Several brands and big or small companies make use of “We Heart It” to promote their fashion and beauty products because most young people, particularly young women, are actively available there.

Nonetheless, there isn’t a comment or dislike button on the images shared, but you can ‘Heart’ them if you like the post and would love to bookmark it for future reference.

4. FoodGawker

Web address: https://foodgawker.com/

Just as ‘We Heart it’ is especially committed to fashion enthusiasts, FoodGawker is more of a food place for food Lovers. FoodGawler is a site you should visit as a food blogger or for those who like experimenting with different recipes.

FoodGawker is a well-coordinated website where tasty recipes from various categories are arranged into different areas, making it easy for users to find their favourite content. Food bloggers from all over the world submit their food recipes on FoodGawker, and their team of editors examines the content before publishing on the site to ensure the high quality of content.

If you wish to get active on FoodGawker, ensure the pictures and recipes you publish on the site are of high quality. Also, if you like other users’ recipes on the FoodGawker, you can give the post a heart and save it for future use.

5. Pearltrees

Web address: http://www.pearltrees.com/

With a little different idea to Pinterest, Pearltrees is also another substitute for Pinterest. Like Pinterest, Pearltrees allows you to discover intriguing content, bookmark it for the future, and share your suggestions to the world.

Pearltrees uses the words pearls & trees in place of pins & boards of Pinterest, and enable users to follow their favourite trees, pearl their favourite topics to the trees. It follows a similar but a little different concept to Pinterest. Pearltrees is available as a chrome, web version, and firefox extensions along with Android & iOS apps.

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Where Pearltrees falls over is the pricing, as it is partly free. This implies that to have full access to its features such as offline mode, extra storage, additional customization options, and ads-free contents, and you have to pay around $2.99 per month. This is acceptable, but services offered by most of the mentioned sites like Pinterest are free.

6. DeviantArt

Web address: http://www.deviantart.com/

With over 38 million enlisted members and about  65 million visitors each month, DeviantArt is the biggest community of art enthusiasts.

It has been assessed to be a site like Pinterest because it allows artists to engage with each other, share and improve their content. It also lets the artist talk about ideas and exhibits similarities.

Following the assertion by Deviant Art, about 160,000 original art jobs are posted on DeviantArt a day, making it amongst the frequently updated social media network of artists.

7. Fancy

Web address: https://fancy.com/

Fancy is more of an eCommerce website where you can search and shop numerous fancy items, including fashion and beauty products for men, women, and children.

You may wonder why Fancy is included in our top 10 list of sites like Pinterest. Fancy is deemed to be similar to Pinterest due to its similarity in the interface and working manner.

Fancy allows you to find and acquire your favourite products right on the website, and develop a community of fashion lovers. You can also follow and get followed by people you have things in common with.

Also, you can share your opinions on the product and share your favourite products with others. Aside from that, Fancy fetches you credit if you share any product from fancy with your colleagues and ensure they purchase it from Fancy.

8. Hometalk

Website: http://www.hometalk.com/

We’ve already examined several sites like Pinterest that fit individuals of different genres, including man, woman, kids, food enthusiasts, and more. Now allow me to tell you an alternative to Pinterest that concerns homemakers and decorators.

Hometalk might be the best spot to discover ideas about housing. You can learn several DIY household projects for your home and utilize them to decorate your home.

Additionally, scanning through and learning DIY contents submitted by other users requires you to also post your content by registering on Hometalk and be a part of the members of the Hometalk community.

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Apart from home decor thing, there are several other topics such as gardening, doors, kitchen design, floors, and more that are talked about on Hometalk. Hometalk has an incredible community of millions of users that provide you with answers to all questions.

9. Dribbble

Web address: https://dribbble.com/

Since its beginning in 2009, Dribbble has been a well-known alternative to Pinterest committed to designers. Dribbble has a relatively active community of users that often posts intriguing content associated with web designing, graphic designers, and more.

Web developers, illustrators, graphic designers, icon artists, logo designers, typographers, and other artists use Dribbble to showcase their skill to the world and even get employed for their talents.

Dribbble is also a place for little businesses and companies to search for designers in various work areas.  Speaking of Interface, Dribbble has an exceptionally much Pinterest-like interface.

The Homepage is divided into different boxes, which are entirely the design screenshots published by users. You can browse through it, share, review, and save for future recommendations.

10. VisualizeUs

Web address: http://vi.sualize.us/

The final website on the list of sites like Pinterest, which needs to be spoken of, is the VisualizeUs. Having a reasonably identical interface to Pinterest, VisualizeUs is another photos-sharing platform that allows you to bookmark and save any pictures you find fascinating across the web.

Unlike sites such as Pinterest, VisualizeUs is more of visual content. In other words, content relating to images and videos where people are enabled to develop their photo compilation with their favorite pictures and videos.

VisualizeUs can be accessed as a web version or an app, which is available on the Apple Store. The best thing about VisualizeUs is the shuffle option that allows you to see widespread and trending pictures every time you appear on their home page.

Also, VisualizeUs has an active user community base that can be used for networking and product commerce if appropriately utilized.

Above is a list of sites like Pinterest that you can check out just in case you wish to dump Pinterest for any reason.

There are numerous sites like Pinterest in the list that belongs to food enthusiasts, home decorators, classy fashion fans, for man-oriented stuff, and many more.

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