Smart Mirrors: Everything You Need to Know

Smart Mirrors

We are in the 21st century and because technology is at its best, everything is going smart. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and mirrors that have not been left behind.

A smart mirror is simply a two-way mirror featuring a glass and an electronic display behind it.

This mirror does not only tell you how pretty you are but also shows you different kinds of information such as the time, weather outside, date, upcoming calendar appointment, news updates among others.

It is perfect for anyone willing to multitask and stay informed as they do their daily grooming tasks.

Keep reading to know more about this magic mirror.

Existing smart mirrors

1. HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

The objective of looking yourself on the mirror is to ensure that you’re looking as beautiful as possible and you can never go wrong with HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror.

As a matter of fact, this device is more than a mirror and offers a full analysis as it assesses your skin’s condition for features like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and circles, complexion, spores as well as red spots.

2. JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror

This is an extraordinary mirror featuring light with three natural shades; daylight, sunlight and evening.

Whether you are applying makeup early in the morning, in the afternoon or late in the evening, JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror will ensure you do it perfectly by choosing to light up make-up application based on the time of the day.

3. Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror

Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror boasts special lighting that offers color clarity and accuracy that help you look your best.

It also features a Sephora app that gives you an opportunity to test lipstick colors before applying on your lips to ensure that you apply the right.

After applying makeup, you can use the built-in front camera to take a perfect selfie and see how you look before getting out of your house.

4. Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror shows important information and stats like your health, sleep schedule, fitness, news, daily quotes, reminders, and nutrition among others.

What makes this mirror stand out is that it offers health-related data such as your weight, steps, exercise, sleep, hydration, and calories and thus helps you to make the right health decision for healthy living.

5. MirroCool Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

This smart mirror applies FGR (facial gesture recognition) technology as well as inbuilt high definition camera to automatically detect you as soon as you stand in front of it.

The mirror can be controlled by your gestures meaning that a simple wink can activate the camera for that important selfie before walking out of your house.

Upcoming Smart mirror projects

The advanced technology is without a shadow of a doubt at its best and with experts working hard day and night to make the world a better place, there are still better things to come.

When talking about better things, experts want to make your bedroom mirror more than just a reflection of your beauty and here are few upcoming smart mirror projects to expect.

1. The Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror

Did you know that you can actually talk to a mirror? Well, the Voice-Controlled Smart Mirror is a device you can talk to just like an Android phone.

It works excellently with third-party apps and whatever you command with your voice, it appears on the mirror. The most interesting thing about this mirror is that it can control smart LED lights in your room. How amazing!

2. Voice and Gesture-Controlled Smart Mirror

This smart mirror features voice and motion sensor input, 24-inch 1080p screen, dedicated OS with app support, a USB microphone, a one-way glass panel, and HC-SR04 distance sensors.

It also has a mirrorOS software designed for smart mirrors which runs web apps that are basically easy to develop.

It has apps for search, weather, radio, youtube and a sample pong game. The mirror excellently interacts with a smartphone with the help of an app build for this purpose.

This is a fantastic mirror which you can enjoy watching what you love as you do your grooming activities.

3. The Touchscreen Smart Mirror

Are you looking for something to interact with as you prepare yourself in the morning before work or in the evening before bed? If yes, check out the Touchscreen Smart Mirror. It’s an interactive mirror with an outstanding home screen that can either stay on or set in a way that puts it off automatically when not in use.

With this mirror, you can browse Reddit, watch YouTube videos, hail an uber and control the temperature of your apartment by the help of a Nest Smart Thermostat.

If you’re watching a video when preparing and you don’t want it to block your view, you can drag it to the side using your fingers and continue with your business uninterrupted.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that people spend quality time in the morning and evening in front of a mirror. For many years, mirrors that we are so fond of have never seen any improvement apart from the change of style, until now.

Thanks to the current technology, the pressure to make everything smart is on the rise and luckily, mirrors are making extraordinary improvements.

This means that smart mirrors are already here with us and besides telling you how cute you are, they’ll tell you the date, time, news updates, upcoming calendar appointments and weather outside among others.

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