Startup Manganum Unveils Highly Functional Extension for Google Chrome’s Sidebar

Extension for Google Chrome's Sidebar

Manganum, an American startup, has recently unveiled the most feature-rich extension for the Chrome sidebar.

This innovative solution offers users convenient access to 14 applications specifically optimized for the browser sidebar, including ChatGPT, Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, Translator, Todoist, Grammarly, and mini-games, among others.

On May 30, Google released version 114 of its browser, allowing third-party developers to integrate their extensions into the Chrome sidebar.

Manganum began developing its own sidebar back in 2021 when Google had no plans for such a feature.

With the extension, users can now perform various tasks without the need to switch browser tabs, maintaining a seamless workflow.

The startup is currently working on adding Gmail and Google Drive to further enhance the user experience.

According to the Manganum team, their solution currently boasts the most functional sidebar compared to other competitors in the market.

As of June 2023, there are 23 extensions available in this segment, with a combined user base exceeding 1 million.

“For many of our users, Chrome is the primary program on their computers. All their applications already reside within the browser, making it almost their operating system.

Our aim is to bring Chrome even closer to being a full-fledged OS by offering a completely new multitasking browsing experience for work and school.

Two years ago, we took a gamble on the sidebar when Chrome hadn’t yet ventured in that direction.

Recently, Google introduced its sidebar and opened it to third-party developers, which turned out to be our golden ticket,” explains Manganum founder Uladzimir Yankovich.

Currently, the sidebar is one of the most sought-after features and a driving force behind Microsoft Edge’s growth.

However, Edge is currently closed off to third-party developers and only provides quick access to 11 applications.

In contrast, Chrome’s extensions offer users more flexibility in injecting new functionality into the sidebar, solidifying its position as the leading choice for users seeking an enhanced browsing experience.

Interesting Facts about Manganum:

Extension for Google Chrome's Sidebar
  1. The startup is comprised of a team of five individuals.
  2. The extension has garnered almost 300,000 installations.
  3. Manganum has successfully secured $475,000 in funding from Mitgo.
  4. The company’s founder previously led a prominent browser extension called Alitools.
  5. Users can enjoy the Manganum extension free of charge.
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