Step by Step on How to Scan a QR Code?

QR Code

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that smartphones can read. It allows you to encode more than 4000 characters in a two-dimensional barcode. QR codes can be used to show the text to a user, open a URL, save a contact to the address book, or write text messages.

To read QR codes with your smartphone, you need the appropriate software on your phone. You can use the ZXing barcode scanner for Android devices. IOS devices, like the iPhone and QR code readers, such as i-nigma, are also available in the AppStore.

Try the QR code scanner in Firefox OS. On Symbian devices, for example, you can use the Mobiletag barcode reader. If you are using a modern web browser (recent versions of Firefox or Chrome) and have a webcam, this website allows you to scan QR codes with your web browser.

You can use it to send, for example, a connection from your phone to your desktop browser. As smartphones have become universal, so have QR codes. It is a square labyrinth type matrix barcode with data; QR codes generally point to a website or open a specific application.

Although they may seem confusing, QR codes are ridiculously simple to use. Follow the actions below to turn your phone into a current QR code scanner using nothing more than the default camera app.

How to Scan a QR-Code on an iPhone

Step 1: Open the Camera app. Apple iPhones have QR code scanning capabilities built right into the camera app. Also, since iOS 12, there is even a direct QR code reader in the Control Center so that you can run it even faster.

If you do not see the QR code icon on iOS, go to the Settings app, tap Control Center, and then tap Customize controls. Then find the QR code reader in the More controls section and tap the green “+” icon to add it. It will now be easily accessible whenever you need it directly from the iOS Control Center, which you can access by swiping down at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Set the phone so that the QR code appears on the digital viewfinder. The camera app should automatically detect the QR code. Of course, the exact distance and angle can help. The QR code does not have to fill the entire screen, but the four corners must be visible. If the camera is tilted too far, the app may have trouble recognizing the code, so direct access is preferred. Image stabilization technology helps a lot in shaking, but try to avoid too much movement to keep the code square visible.

Step 3: run the code. If you scan the QR code via the QR code reader located in the Control Center, the corresponding application or website will start automatically. However, if you use the iOS Camera app to scan a QR code, your iPhone will not automatically begin QR code activity. Instead, a notification bar will emerge at the top of the screen, indicating that the QR is understood, usually with a useful short description of what the QR code will do, such as opening a particular website. If you think the QR code is secure, tap the notification bar to start code activity.

How to Scan a QR Code using an Android Phone

Step 1: Make sure your Android phone supports QR code scanning. Not all Android phones at the moment, so you may need to take additional steps before scanning. However, Google Assistant can detect QR codes.

Just press and hold the Home icon or say “OK, Google,” then tap the Google lens icon in the lower right corner. If you own a Samsung phone with Bixby abilities, Bixby can also automatically recognize QR codes.

Otherwise, you may want to add an app. We suggest that you download a QR code reader, which is a simple and very effective option (although it comes with ads).

Step 2: Open the scanning application. Open the app, whether it’s bixby, QR Code Reader, Samsung Optical Reader, or any option installed on your Android phone. These applications must have a “scan” function that you can select immediately or open directly in the scan window via the camera.

Step 3: Insert the QR code. Note that the corners of the code must be fully visible in the scan window and that the camera must be more or less directly above the code to operate. Keep the phone still while you identify the code.

Step 4: Select the correct option. The application must provide a contextual option to perform the action based on the QR code. You may be requested to access a website, download something, or open the application you are currently using.

If you trust the source, make sure the QR code is secure, and that you understand what it will do, choose the most appropriate option for you.

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