Tools to Display the Live Twitter Feed in Events

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When planning an event, it is always a major concern about how to attract and engage the audience in the event. There are tremendous alternatives to achieve these goals.

Showcasing Twitter feed at your event is trending and effective way to make your event successful and impactful.

But why Twitter and a Twitter feed can benefit your event?

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Why Twitter?

Twitter is an immensely popular social media platform with macro-exposure and micro-blogging possibilities. It has over 325 million users and the presence of thousands of brands, influencers, and famous personalities.

There are a plethora of benefits that you can explore through the combination of Twitter and events. We have listed a few key benefits for a better explanation and understanding.

  • You can spread awareness about your event to a massive audience before, during, and after the event.
  • Gain extended exposure with maximum sharing
  • Encourage the users or potential attendees to share their ideas, opinions, etc. prior to the event
  • During the event, ask users to share tweets, photos, or videos of their event experience and display it live on a Twitter wall.
  • Showcase Twitter UGC to build social proof and positive brand image
  • Drive engagement and interaction during the event with Twitter wall
  • Organize real-time QnA, discussions, or conversations using Twitter wall
  • Engage with the Twitter audience in the event
  • Make it a fun and entertaining activity for your event

Now that you know the benefits of Twitter feed at your event, we have accumulated 5 best tools to display the live Twitter feed in your events.

Tools to display Live Twitter Feed


Taggbox is a social media aggregator that lets you aggregate content from different social media networks including Twitter, into a single feed that you can display in your events.

It provides vast customizations options with the functionality of changing feed themes, edits the font and colors, content highlight, full-screen announcements, changes the background, adds banner & tickers, and much more.

Also, it gives you the option to showcase the best quality engaging content to the audience with its powerful moderation panel along with the profanity filter. You can easily restrict irrelevant or competitor’s content.

It displays content with real-time updates whilst giving you the option to add your custom posts to the feed for promotion or more. It is easy-to-use with active customer support if needed.


Hootfeed is a dedicated tool for Twitter developed by Hootsuite. Hootfeed allows you to display Tweets in real-time in any event. It is an easy-to-use tool with vast customization options for better feed display.

It also provides you with a moderation option and profanity filter to maintain the best quality content on your live twitter stream so that it helps in creating audience engagement and interaction.

You can display it on any screen as it is compatible with any size and also as it is a live Twitter stream feed, you get the latest Tweets on your wall in the event. It is an excellent tool to drive the audience involvement in any event.


Everwall is an analytics and social media wall display tool that has the functionality to display the feed from Twitter using keywords, profiles, hashtags, timelines, etc.

Everwall can let you display your Twitter wall beautifully with the fastest tweet updates so that you display the fresh content to the event audience. There are various customization options also available to make your Twitter feed more interactive.

It also has moderation, analytics, and sponsorship integration options for your Twitter feed. It is an easy-to-setup tool that does not require any comprehensive technical knowledge.


Wallrus is a tool that provides solutions to display social media feeds in events, or display screens, digital signages, etc. The best part is that it provides effortless setup.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to create and set up the Twitter feed wall. It helps you increase audience engagement in the event with interactive content display and create memorable experiences for the attendees.

You can even display sponsored ads and curated content from social media on your Twitter feed.


TweetWall Pro was a tool for displaying Twitter stream in events or display screens but recently it has evolved into SocialWall Pro. So, now with Twitter, it can also display feeds from other social media networks.

The 3 key elements of TweetWall Pro are Interaction, engagement, and moderation. It provides various display templates for customizing the live Twitter feed.

With the moderation panel, you can filter and display the best quality content that will help you increase the audience interaction and engagement. You can also integrate gamification with leaderboards and contents.


The best part of these tools is that they can help you make your event successful and entertaining by attracting and engaging the audience with the live Twitter stream.

The functionalities that we have listed here are just the highlights and you can visit the respective tools website to get the in-depth information about pricing, plans, and more.

Finally, The choice depends upon you about which tool you want to use in your next event.

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