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The desire to edit videos and images on smartphone devices is continuously increasing. Thus, the number of photo or video editing applications is also diversified and abundant. Users can willingly pick the video and picture editing app that meets their needs.

VivaVideo is among the video editing applications which is available on both Android and iOS devices. VivaVideo is a video editing app that enables you to work with videos and photos to develop your video montage directly on your device.

In the main menu of VivaVideo, you can select if you would like to tape a video directly from the app. Nevertheless, If you pick the second option, you will have to select the videos and images you wish to add to the video.

Users can manually tape videos on VivaVideo and then begin editing with effects and other special video editing features. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to edit videos using the VivaVideo application.

How to make use of the VivaVideo editing app

  • Download the VivaVideo app for Android and iOS devices. After the VivaVideo app has been installed on your phone, you can launch the app.

In the first interface, you will be inquired by VivaVideo if you’d like to get notifications.  Tap Skip, and then the main interface of the application will display. If you wish to record a video on VivaVideo, pres the Capture symbol

  • The app will ask you to enable access to the Camera, Click OK. Then it will ask to use the Microphone, tap OK to approve. Finally, it will ask for permission to gain access to the album on your device, press OK to give consent.

Soon after, you will appear on the video capture interface. Press the middle icon to document a video. If you already have a video on the VivaVideo app and wish to edit, Tap My Studio

  • Open the video you wish to edit on VivaVideo. To include a topic to the video, press the Theme icon. There are different topics that you can utilize for your videos, such as Friends, Magic Dream, Romance, and many more. 

Your job is to determine the right topic for your video. You can only install and make use of the theme with the arrow symbol. For other topics, you would be required to pay

  • After choosing the theme for your video, tap the Music  icon. If you don’t like to use audio for video, you can tap the trash icon below.

If you wish to make use of new audio for the video, click on the currently used song. Shortly after, a catalog of songs will appear. To utilize the music available on your device, tap My library.

  • When choosing a new song for your video, click the Add button to incorporate it into your video
  • Tap Edit to continue editing your video. You can include text for videos, stickers, other elements. For instance, you can select the video section to incorporate the text, press the T icon, and then choose the font style you would like to use. After this, tap the tick icon to save the effect. Click the checkmark symbol to save the new effect for your video and return to the VivaVideo editing menu
  • At the video interface, click Share to share your video. You can also select social networks to share your videos. Some of them include Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter
  • If you want to download the video after you’re done editing it on VivaVideo, tap Export to Gallery.This will only take a moment for the video export process to finish. So you can download videos as well as share videos (edited) on VivaVideo

VivaVideo app is a very extensive video editor for both iOS and Android devices, which enables you to accomplish some astonishing results.

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