What Are Smart Mirrors?

Smart mirror

Lighting plays a significant role in your reflection. Makeup can appear completely different in natural sunlight versus artificial sunlight, often leaving you with uneven orange streaks. 

What if I told you there was a device that could play daylight, and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.

This device can even have your skin analyzed and let you know if all your expensive beauty cosmetics are worth their price. Such a device exists. They are called smart mirrors. What are smart mirrors?

These devices look like common mirrors to the naked eyes. However, their technological feature beams up once you step in front of them.

Some are moderately designed to provide users with a massive range of light settings. This is so that users can look amazingly flawless on the bus and in extreme conditions.

Other mirrors features do more than provide lights. They scan your skin for any issues, let you know what the skin issue is, and offer tips to tackle the problems.

The mirrors also allow users to input details of their daily skincare routine and let you know if you are the right track with your skincare or you need to change course immediately.

A quick check with Google search would let you understand that these high tech devices are the future of the beauty industry. These claim, however, – if it meets up with users expectations, may as well be true.

Some of these beauty checkers are already on sale. HiMirror is currently a widely talked-about company. Their product act as a home dermatologist, doing well to analyse both users skin and skincare routine.

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The former can be achieved with a single photo. The results gotten would provide you with a percentage and ratings ranging from poor to excellent, making its primary focus on red spots, fine lines, dark spots, skin roughness, and even pores.

You can equally tract and set your skincare goals and also input every skin product that you use to monitor if your skin is benefiting from your serums and creams.

The hi-tech mirror also provides personalised advice on all the things that you can benefit from, as well as the things that might affect you negatively in the serums and creams you use. It also gives you a daily guide you need to incorporate to get amazing skin. Prices start from as little as $200.

Simplehuman is also another hi-tech mirror currently available in the UK. Rather than skincare, these mirrors primary focus is on makeup. They also come in extensive three mirror set-up to your small design.

The company’s lighting program naturally copies sunlight no matter where the user is, and it also magnifies users skin so they can be thorough with how their eyeliners and eyebrows look.

The application that’s comes with the mirror allows you to capture any lights setting and the mirror stimulates it to your advantage. Other features of this expensive hi-tech mirror ($288.99) include letting you know when you are running late with its flash alarm system, and it can last for as long as three weeks on a single charge.

Other hi-tech mirrors include the CareOS Artemis mirror. It was unveiled at this year’s 2019 CES technology show. It’s been designed to recognise different faces, allows virtual makeup, analyse and magnifying skin, and allows users to access beauty and hair tutorials.

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But that’s not all; the mirror also allows you to make phone calls, track user eye health and the quality of air and also lets you make reservations.

The whole connecting system, attached to your bathroom, would be available this year and it would cost only $20,000. Mirror mirror on the wall!

Although these unique mirrors are yet to hit the market, consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow mention to Allure that the mirrors are just what’s perfect for today’s image and data-obsessed culture. “We have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about ourselves.

She also said People want to know all of the minutiae, from how many steps they take in a day to what’s going on when they sleep to the types of food they can tolerate to their genetic makeup. There’s no end to the obsession. And this new beauty technology fits right into that mentality.”

I have no doubt that having more knowledge about your daily routine and understanding the health of your skin is very useful. However, there is the worry of fixation from users, especially when they are able to look at their face in raw detail.

Details they would only have overlooked before. Plus, the obsession with looking 100% perfect is also worrisome. There’s really a lot to mull over with these kinds of purchases don’t you think? What do you think? Let’s have your thoughts in the comments below.

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