What is an Algorithms?

What is an Algorithms

An algorithm is a mathematical term. It has to do with a detailed set of instructions, and that often leads to a predictable end. The most important thing here is that the end or result depends on the instruction.

If it is defined properly, the result could be good but where it is not well defined then the outcome may not be palatable.

It has to do with instructions and based on that instruction one can achieve anything. Even if you want to construct airplanes, the algorithm has to do with the processes, procedures, and instructions of bringing that about.

In the case of airplane constructions, once the starting set of numbers marked are given, it would be easier for that task to be completed with the instructions that are given.

Computer algorithm

Because of the success of the concept in the field of mathematics, it is widely applied in computer science. Computer programs have to run on instructions.

The instructions could be simple or it could be complex, and it is always listed in the order in which it must be carried out.

If that order is carried out as specified, then it would be possible to perform specific tasks which that algorithm is meant for.

It can be said that it is used to solve any problems at hand whether it is in mathematics or in the computer.

Algorithm classes

There is no generally accepted breakdown of what the algorithm should be. Experts assume that it can be identified and grouped into different classes.

Some of the agreed classes include dynamic programming algorithms.

  • Greedy algorithms: This can find solutions to different kinds of problems
  • Brute force algorithms: As the name suggests this can use any possible means to find solutions to problems. It tries it through trial and error until it is able to solve all problems.
  • Randomized algorithms: This has to do with those of them that rely on a random number. They use it at any point in time.
  • Bound and branch algorithm: This solves problems systematically until it finds solutions for all the problems.

The other classes of algorithms are the simple recursive, backtracking as well as the divide and conquer.

These are the various classes as grouped by experts. Irrespective of the way you see it, the end is that they would accomplish the same goal and this includes problem-solving.

In the world of computer, an algorithm is extensively used and it can accomplish its tasks in various ways.

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. The most important area it has helped in the computer world is sorting.

This is because they spend plenty of time to sort out the list. In the internet, different algorithms are identified and these are some of them.

  • Merge sort
  • Bin sort
  • Shell sort
  • Bubble sort
  • Quicksort

These are different kinds of computer algorithms and they are used to solve different kinds of computer problems.

This concept is very important in the computer just as it is important in mathematics from where it originated.

In a computer, you should know the strength and the weakness of each algorithm and choose one that can easily solve your problems.

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