What Is Dropil?


Dropil is an Ethereum-based crypto trading platform that includes a comprehensive set of graphical user interface (GUI) market analysis tools.

Dropil uses machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence to power various automated tools and bots on its network, including Dex, a decentralized exchange; Max, smart wallet; and Arthur by arbitration. Drops are the original ERC-20 tokens used in the Dropil network.

Dropil is also the name of a for-profit company that operates the Dropil network from Belize. It is managed by founders and developers Zachary Matar and Jeremy McAlpine.

The project is based on realizing that trading cryptocurrencies are much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Cryptocurrency traders not only need technical skills, but financial planning is a beast for themselves. People invest for retirement, income generation, and various economic reasons.

Getting financial advice is never easy, and many professional advisers cannot advise clients on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Institutional investment giants like JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, and Vanguard hate Bitcoin and its blockchain brethren, and they’re saying it very clearly.

However, early crypto investors are working so fast in Lambos, and they are not very calm either. The goal of Dropil is to make investing in cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses.

This also comes in a year when the bear market is stabilizing after the 2017 price manipulation.

Dropil takes pride in taking the stress out of the process of investing in cryptocurrencies and simply entering the world of cryptocurrencies.

Just as Dropil’s tagline states, the project aims at automating the world of cryptocurrency. In reality, that means that Dropil takes care of all the hard work when analyzing, trading, and storing cryptocurrency via a range of autonomous tools.

What are some of the essential features of Dropil?

To stand out, Dropil opts for smart reports that emphasize the ease of delivering the information they need, rather than wasting time and effort on vague analyzes that don’t interest you.

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Dropil also allows you to withdraw anytime, anywhere. Dropil is even free to use, and the only requirement to access the service is to own Drops. There are no management fees or transactions.

Dropil Autonomous Trading

One of the main features of Dropil is Dex. It is an intelligent trading robot that facilitates automated trading. The exchange of dynamic logic and the bot’s diversification is unmatched in terms of results, unlike other platforms.

Dex is designed to use dynamic deep learning algorithms to perform operations. These algorithms are developed in your home and will help you make the best possible money.

The team has been honing Dex over the past year or so so that they automatically trade and scale live marketing strategies for any crypto on any exchange. Also, the Dex system is continuously updated automatically based on new calculations of business data.

To achieve consistent results that maximize profits and minimize risk, Dex has several safety nets. One of the secrets to Dex’s success is that it has diversification across platforms, rather than a single cryptocurrency.

The Dex system also groups investments according to the selected risk level, so your investments always remain protected.

Dropil Arbitrage Analysis

Another robot, a smart arbitrage robot named Arthur, provides arbitrage analysis. Arthur provides all the information you need to make you aware of the main arbitration possibilities immediately.

Arthur works on tracking the exchange offices and currencies one chooses and will clearly show their price differences.

The arbitrage analysis system can monitor 13 different exchanges for these price changes without the need for an API account. The team plans to add many more exchanges in the future to improve Arthur’s functionality.

You can customize Arthur however you like, with the ability to manage all 13 exchange offices and ten cryptocurrencies or as many as you like. Adjust your settings by checking and unchecking the box.

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Receive telegram and email notifications when you reach the selected alert threshold. Arthur is free for Drop owners with crypto worth at least $50.

Dropil also plans to add premium features in the future, including SMS notifications, execution of SMS arbitrage, personalized alerts for each currency and currency change, and the addition of API keys to enable automatic arbitration.

What do you need to know about the Dropil smart wallet?

Among other features, Dropil also has its smart wallet that allows you to store your crypto assets securely. Compared to other wallets, Dropil smart wallet is more elegant, more flexible, and more secure and has a user-friendly interface.

The wallet will contain a dedicated personal assistant robot named Max.

Drop Tokens

The droplets are the ERC-20 service tokens behind the Dropil system. Droplets run all parts of the Dex system, and users rely on them to store and invest funds.

Drops enable fast transactions thanks to the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are also secured with publicly recorded transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, making them traceable.

There is also a limited supply of drops to prevent deflation and improve prices with increased demand and adoption. Dropil predicts that the value of Drop tokens will increase over time, thus increasing the net return.

The Dex system uses declining tokens to control the volume of assets managed by its smart trading algorithms. They are also essential for using Arthur for arbitrage and will power innovative smart wallet features like Max.

There’ll be a maximum of 30 billion ever-created drops, which were generated during the symbolic event on January 10. Sixty percent of the tokens were distributed and sold during the ICO, with 20 percent for the founders, 15 percent for the Dropil Vault, and 5 percent for the Dropil team. There is also a lock on 50% of the founder’s token supply.

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When this article was written, Drops are available on Tidex as a trading pair with BTC or ETH and IDEX as a pair with ETH or DAI. Dropil plans to work on expanding the number of exchanges offered by Drops.

How to get started with Dropil?

Those who wish to use Dropil to enter cryptocurrencies need to start by purchasing Drops. After that, you can create a free account and start using all the tools you want, including Dex, Arthur, and Max.

Since you have full control over your drops, you can automatically roll over the refund if you use Dex or withdraw money whenever you want.

DROP tokens are available on the following exchanges at the moment:

  • Tidex
  • RightBTC
  • IDEX

How does the Dropil Road map look like?

The pre-sale of Dropil started on January 26, and the ICO will run from February 7 to March 7. Mobile wallets for the most popular operating systems were launched in April and May 2018.

Between April and June, Dropil applied a high investment limit. The team is working to integrate Drops into broader public exchanges. From the third quarter, they will discuss the implementation of the new generation retirement plan with the platform.


Dropil is an innovative platform that allows users to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and increase their community activity through trading, arbitrage, and more.

Dropil sets itself apart from other platforms with various smart bots that perform certain functions and provide advice and algorithm-based automation. Those looking for an easier way to own and invest in cryptocurrencies should definitely take a closer look at Dropil.

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