What is KN Car Brand?

What is KN Car Brand

Car brands keep stepping up their games, and no one wants to be left behind. We see most car companies each year trying something new, from changing logos to creating new car models.

Recently,  a car logo, written as ‘KN,’ was released, and this got everyone asking several questions, like “What is KN car brand?” 

After several speculations surrounding the KN car logo, the company has finally revealed that it’s the new logo for the car brand Kia Motors.

Its former logo, which had the letters K, I, and an A, looking like an inverted V, lasted for 26 years, from 1994 to 2020.

However, the new logo, redesigned in January 2021, will replace the old one on all its products.

While many people aren’t comfortable with the KN car logo, the company says that the new logo symbolizes the future of Kia Motors, and it hopes that people will embrace the new identity.

Does the KN Car Brand Exist?

The answer is NO. KN is not a new car company. Kia Motors, under the Hyundai Motor Company, only released a new logo, looking like KN.

This new logo got several people confused that they got on search engines, especially Google, trying to figure out if there was a new KN car brand.

A Twitter user, Ashwinn, was the first to discover how much the logo was trending, then posted about it on his timeline.

He said: “The new Kia logo is so unreadable that at least 30k people a month search for the “KN car” ever since its debut.

From our calculation, about 45 people per hour and about 1000 people per day keep querying the new logo from Kia Motors.

The first thing you’ll notice about the KN car logo is that it’s much harder to decode than the previous one, although identical.

At first glance, everyone would see the logo as KN, but when they look closer, they’d realize it’s not so. 

What Does the Kia KN Car Logo Mean?

The new logo represents three key values: Symmetry, Rhythm, and Rising. These represent Kia’s determination to be at the forefront of automotive technology and its commitment to providing outstanding service and value to our customers.

Balance symbolizes Kia’s unwavering focus on satisfying current customers and creating innovative products and experiences for the future.

All these mean that the company is moving forward into the future, and it’s time to change things. They want to create vehicles that can help us live better lives. So, they’re working on creating safer, more efficient, and cleaner cars.

And they want to do all these things while still being affordable. So far, the new Kia KN car logo seems to be doing pretty well.

It’s different from the previous one, but it still looks great. While many haven’t entirely accepted the change, others think it’s better than the old one.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the supposed KN car brand is only a new logo for Kia Motors. So what do you think? Do you like the new Kia KN logo? Let us know in the comments below!

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