What is the Difference Between PR and Branding?

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For running a smooth business, it is vital that the business owners know what the terms associated with business mean. Most businesses flourish because their runners take care of all the basic terminologies.

PR and branding are the two very basic and significant disciplines of business, which very few businessmen can distinguish.

Small family owned businesses can excel without a focus on these details but big firms cannot do so. Here is a detailed discussion on highlighting the differences for you.

The basic meaning

PR, as defined by the Public Relations Society of America, is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. This means that PR revolves around building a relationship between an organization and the public. It also works to bridge any communication gaps between the two.

Branding, on the other hand, is the process of establishing an identity by an organization. This is an attempt by the organizations to become known to people in the market.

Branding is the image that pops up in a person’s mind when they think of your organization. For example, if your sportswear makes people think that all the winners use your products they will buy it. In addition to that, PR works on keeping the sportswear company and the buyers connected.

Basic aim and goals

The basic goals of PR and branding make understanding the difference between them easier. PR has to establish and then maintain relations and communication for a brand or company.

Its major aim is to deal effectively with the buyers, employees, management, media and government authorities. This helps keep the company stays in both the mainstream media and social media so that people stay in contact.

On the other hand, branding targets thought process of the community and works accordingly. The branding people analyze the target public and then think of brand strategies.

These strategies help the company establish a long-lasting identity. Branding majorly encompasses the areas like the lifestyle, the promise and the personality that a company or product possesses or makes.

Order of occurrence

The order of occurrence sets PR and branding apart too. A company first needs to think of the products that it is going to launch.

The kind of personality or characteristics that it will possess and how to make it known. So, branding comes first because without having a worthwhile identity, there is no use for establishing any links in the market.

After the company has successfully established its products then it needs to market it and communicate with people. This marketing point is where PR enters the picture. So, we can safely say that branding precedes PR in order of occurrence.

The functions performed by both of these

PR and branding serve different purposes for the establishment and smooth running of a business. A business has to deal with a lot of people at both the community level and on an individual level.

PR targets the bigger part of communication as it caters to the queries and services of employees, employers,and customers. Branding, however, has to target individual mindsets to have a better identity and a lasting impression. The psychology and basic functions of PR and branding create a clear distinction between the two.

Reputation building and reputation management

A company primarily runs on two things: its reputation building and reputation management. Both of these hold key significance in generating profits for the business. Branding helps in building a positive reputation and strategies while reputation management is a task of Public relations.

So, it can be concluded that these two perform different functions to help a business get successful.

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