Whoop Vs. Apple Watch: Which Is Better in 2023?

Whoop Vs. Apple Watch

Whoop vs. apple watch are two bands that we cannot help but compare. With the advancement of technology, these two brands have gone out of their way to create fabulous wearables.

Each of them has outstanding features that make it an exceptional choice in a row of its counterparts.

The question, however, is, “Should I get a Whoop strap or an Apple watch?” in this article, we shall take a look at these devices, their features, similarities, and differences between whoop vs. apple watch.

Whoop Straps

Will Ahmed founded Whoop in 2015 and launched a high-tech fitness wearable that optimizes overall health performance.

The Harvard graduate Ahmed produced a next-generation device embedded with advanced technology. 

The first thing you notice about the device is that it lacks buttons. Then, you think that whoop is just another wrist strap with fitness features.

Contrary to what you believe, the gadget is a highly technological device that keeps track of your physical and mental health.

The sophisticated gadget has sensors that measure your heartbeats, electro-dermal activity, and temperature.

Due to its versatility, you can wear it for a workout or during office hours. It guides you throughout the day and helps with recovery and sleep.

Though it might feel like every other fitness watch, it isn’t. It does have a lot of unique features that make it different from its counterparts.

Features of Whoop straps

Made by professionals, whoop straps have technological advancements, capable of performing so many functions as mentioned.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • It has a friendly interface
  • It has sweat-absorbing filaments
  • Can connect with your device through Bluetooth
  • It has three LED lights that indicate the battery percentage
  • Monitors sleep
  • Provides personalized activities
  • Measures heart’s beat and function
  • Offers weekly and monthly general health assessments
  • Features a companion app that guides you while using the gadget
  • Integrates easily with Strava
  • Its battery lasts for over five days after an hour’s charge
  • Light and comfortable 

Apple Watch

If you use devices, you must be familiar with Apple. When it comes to gadgets, Apple is undoubtedly one of the most reputable companies around.

As with all their devices, Apple watches are always up to standard.

With this smartwatch, you can make and receive calls, send text messages, and surf the internet without your phone.

With its family setup, this device is excellent for the young and elderly alike. Even better, you can configure a setting that loops you in with your family even if they do not have an iPhone.

Features of apple watches

With each series, Apple takes its technology up a notch. However, there are some basic features in all apple series.

  • Tells the time
  • Makes and receives calls
  • Receive text messages
  • Supports Siri commands like alarms, reminders, and timers
  • Displays tickets and boarding pass
  • Tracks fitness activity
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Detects fall
  • Tracks workouts
  • Provides ECG readings (4,5,6 series only)
  • Tracks blood oxygen level (Series 6 only)

Whoop vs. Apple Watch

With their features, they do have a lot of differences. Let’s look at some of them.


Though you wear Whoop and Apple watches on the wrists, they look and feel different in the following ways:

  • Design

In general, Whoop and Apple watches have similar thickness profiles. However, the default band for Apple is made of silicone, while that of whoop is more Elastic.

The apple watch has a regular snap-on band that makes it easy to adjust the size for different wrists. The settings for Whoop clasps are for a specific size.

Both Whoop and Apple watch have different designs that you can purchase. However, there are more optional colors for the apple watch than whoop.

In addition, you can quickly get the Apple Watch from Apple or Amazon, but whoop straps are only available on their website.

  • Display

While both bands have heart rate monitors on their backs, the apple watch had a touchscreen display. The display acts as a clock and a small app device.

The blacked-out screen of the apple watch comes to life once you touch it. On the other hand, Whoop has no display but a cloth band that wraps around your wrists.


The most significant difference between Whoop straps and Apple watches is the functions they perform.

Generally, whoop is more focused on in-depth health data, while the Apple watch acts more as a communication and application device.

Whoop straps can perform the following while Apple watches cannot.

  • Daily strain

The band calculates how you exert yourself each day, including your workout routine. On a 0 – 21 scale, it determines your health and heart rate.

It immediately provides you with personalized feedback that tells you how far you have gone with each routine during a workout.

  • Sleep rate 

Whoop tracks the sleep quality you get every night and breaks down how much time you spent sleeping. After calculating your sleep rate, it offers sleep coaching that tells you how much sleep you need each night.

It gets this information from the activities you perform each day.

  • Recovery

 Whoop gathers your data on the strain, sleep, respiratory, and heart rates and provides you with a personalized recovery score out of 100%.

The information helps you know if your body can handle certain activities or if you need to rest for the day.

  • Health Questionnaire 

Every morning you wake, the whoop app asks you some questions about your previous day. For example, how much water did you drink?

Did you drink alcohol before sleeping? Did you eat anything before going to bed and so on? Based on your answers, the app will help you make better choices to improve your recovery. 

The Apple Watch also has excellent features that whoop is not capable of doing.

  • Making and receiving calls

With the smartwatch, you can accept and decline calls without your phone.

  • Texting

The Apple Watch gives you a notification whenever you receive a text message. You can also view the message and choose to reply. The feature makes it convenient to use even when your smartphone is not close to you.

  • Find Phone feature

If you are one of the many people who misplace their phones all the time, this feature is helpful for you. All you must do is tap on the “Find my phone” button, and your phone rings out loud till you can locate it.

  • Alarm and reminder

It is not advisable to have your phone too close to you when sleeping at night. Your smartwatch is a safer option. With it, you can set alarms and reminders to your preference. In the middle of the night, you only must tap on the screen to see the time, texts, and notifications.

  • Mobile application usage

You can predominantly control The apple watch from the screen. On the other hand, Whoop can be maintained only via the whoop app on your device.

The Apple Watch also has a mobile application, but you use it only to change settings and display.

Battery life

The battery is another big difference between both bands. The Apple Watch, after a full charge, usually runs for a day or a day and a half.

Therefore, you need to take it off frequently to have it charged. Whoop, battery life is much stronger. After a full charge, the device can run for four to five days.

In addition, it has a rechargeable battery that can charge the device on top of your wrist. Therefore, you can wear the device all day round without taking it off.


With the release of the Apple watch series 6, The price started from a minimum of $399 upwards. For whoop, rather than just buying the device, you buy it on a subscription membership.

The plans start at $30/month but are cheaper if you go for a 12- or 18-month membership.


While Whoop vs. Apple watch straps are wearables, they are two different devices with different functions.

Apple Watch is a smartwatch, but you cannot say the same for the Whoop bands. So, if you are opting for any of these bands, you should consider their functions. 

If you want a wearable that monitors your health and body activity, go for the Whoop band; however, opt for the Apple watch if you need a band that can serve more as a mini phone.

Better still, opt for both devices and wear them interchangeably!

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