17 Best Android Apps for Doctors

Best Android Apps for Doctors
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How much time do you spend each day looking for medical information? If you answered yes, you should check out these best Android apps for doctors.

These apps will save you tons of time and allow you to get the latest updates from your favorite hospitals.

In the hands of a medical practitioner are lives. Saving them requires making split-second decisions while applying all of your medical school knowledge to real-world situations.

Additionally, you can’t always ask for five minutes to dash to your office to look through a book, even though your medical texts may come in handy when things are terrible.

Carrying medical texts and references in your pocket will help you simplify things for yourself, your team, and your patient.

Furthermore, countless apps are available in the Google Play Store, including some specifically designed for doctors.

When you can rely on an app conveniently installed on your Android device, you won’t ever have to be concerned about being too far away from the book you have memorized from cover to cover. 

No matter their area of expertise, we’ve put together a list of some of the best android apps for doctors.

1. Epocrates

Epocrates is one of the most popular medical reference apps available today. It’s been around since 1999 and has over 1 million users worldwide. 

It’s also free to download and use, which makes it perfect for anyone who needs up-to-date medical information at any given moment. 

The app includes more than 40,000 drug interactions and thousands of disease conditions, medications, and treatments. 

You can search by symptoms or diseases, and you’ll find everything from common ailments like colds and allergies to rarer ones like cancer and HIV/AIDS. 

The app also provides quick access to the most recent guidelines and recommendations from leading organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

2. UpToDate

UpToDate is also one of the best Android apps for Doctors. The University of Michigan Medical School created this app, containing more than 2 million articles covering nearly every topic related to medicine. 

It’s updated daily with new content, so you’ll never need to worry about outdated information again. 

The app is easy to navigate, and you can quickly find the information you’re looking for. 

For example, if you want to know how to treat a specific condition, you can type “treatment” into the search bar. 

If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, you can click on the “More Info” button, where you’ll find links to other resources. 

3. Lexi Comp

Lexicomp is an excellent resource for students, residents, and practicing physicians. This app contains hundreds of flashcards, including images, audio, and video clips. 

Each card covers a specific subject, and you can test yourself using multiple choice questions. Additionally, there are two types of cards: general practice and specialty. 

General practice cards cover anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, and pathology. Specialty cards focus on pediatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, and emergency medicine. 

4. iMedicalApps

iMedicalApps is a comprehensive collection of medical apps for both iOS and Android devices. You can browse categories like health, fitness, diet, and nutrition and search by keyword. 

Additionally, you can filter results based on ratings, price, and popularity. There are currently more than 600 medical apps in the database, including everything from basic calculators to advanced diagnostic tools. 

5. Consult & Profile Management (Practo)

Consult & Profile Management (Practolite) is also one of the best android apps for Doctors. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for doctors to manage their patients’ records, appointments, and billing. 

With Practolite, you can create patient profiles, add notes, and attach files. You can also view your patients’ history, treatment plan, and medication list. 

Additionally, doctors can manage their appointments, keep track of how frequently their profile has shown up in search results over the previous six weeks, and manage their profile on the app with this program. 

6. Medscape

In addition, doctors, nurses, medical students, and other medical health professionals also use Medscape as their primary clinical medical reference. 

Additionally, you can get medical news from Medscape via this website. Choose the 34 specialties you’d like to follow to receive daily news from any of them. 

Additionally, the app allows you to save articles and read them later without an internet connection by allowing you to search the whole Medscape News and MEDLINE databases. 

More than 8,000 branded and generic OTC medications, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements have prescription and safety information available to medical professionals. 

However, with access to over 4,000 evidence-based articles written by top medical professionals and specialists, 600 step-by-step guides, and other resources, you may research practically any ailment, condition, and procedure. 

7. Doximity App

The new healthcare smart app Doximity was created by the Epocrates founders. This medical app serves as a secure networking tool for doctors and surgeons. 

All doctors can use it for free on Android, iOS, and the web. Doximity can cut down on time spent attempting to communicate. 

Furthermore, it provides the network and the technologies to enable simple patient care collaboration with any clinician in any medical setting. 

8. DynaMed Plus App

Next on our list of best android apps for doctors is the Practo app DynaMed Plus App. Doctors managing their clinics or hospitals place the utmost importance on references and evidence-based information. 

Every doctor, clinic, and hospital should use an app like DynaMed to help them with daily decisions.

Meanwhile, this app can be of great assistance if you need a prompt response to your queries or if you need anything clearly and succinctly explained. 

Furthermore, the app offers a variety of reviews written by leading medical professionals. 

9. Curofy

The Curofy best medicine app allows more than 3 lakh physicians to engage with other medical professionals. 

Additionally, they can analyze and discuss challenging cases on this forum and receive helpful advice for making an accurate diagnosis. 

On this app, individuals can read publications, the most recent medical recommendations, and news. Doctors can talk about patients from more than 1,000 disciplines and subspecialties here. 

On this top medical app for doctors, medical professionals also set up their profiles so their patients can quickly locate them. 

Furthermore, this enables them to receive advice from other medical professionals for particular instances. Did you also know that the Curofy app is now a part of RoundGlass Cross Grow? 

10. MDCalc

One of the most excellent free medical apps for doctors is MDCalc, which was created to enable them to focus more on the health of the patient and less on computations. 

Furthermore, you can use it to help you make better judgments about the long-term health of your patients because it provides over 350 tools and covers 35 areas of specialization. 

More than a million people worldwide, including more than 65 percent of US doctors, use this app weekly. In addition, the content is created and verified by doctors and top medical professionals. 

11. Amion

Amion is one of the best android apps for doctors who want to stay updated with the latest developments in their field. 

This app has been designed to provide users with all the necessary information regarding the latest treatments and procedures. 

It includes a database of thousands of peer-reviewed studies and guidelines. Moreover, it features a library of videos, podcasts, and audio recordings. In addition, it helps users find the right specialists based on their location. 

12. WebMD

You always have access to mobile-optimized health information and decision support tools with WebMD on your Android device, which can help you make better decisions and work toward improving your health. 

Furthermore, you can access resources, including the Symptom Checker on WebMD, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Advice, and Local Health Listings. 

Doctors can use a 3D figure to touch the area of the body where a patient is uncomfortable to find out what’s bothering them. 

They can then focus their search by picking the patient’s symptoms from a list of potential diseases and problems. 

Doctors will also access WebMD’s extensive database, which includes Uses, Side Effects, and Warnings information on drugs, supplements, and vitamins.

Doctors can then prepare patients for any potential discomfort without having to speculate. 

13. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Patients may refuse to believe what their doctors say and attempt to avoid eating regimens intended to aid in their recovery. 

Additionally, they may only require your direction and a push in the proper direction with specific numbers. 

With Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal, it will be simpler for you to assist your patients in maintaining a firm grasp on how much they are ingesting. 

Doctors can assist their patients in losing those unhealthful pounds thanks to a database with the widest selection of foods—more than 1,700,000—and a fantastic entry on fast food and exercise. 

14. OB (Pregnacy) Wheel App

OB (Pregnancy) Wheel App is also one of the best Android apps for Doctors. Any medical professional that treats pregnant patients can use the Ob Wheel app, though obstetricians and gynecologists may find it most useful. 

Furthermore, you may calculate the exact dates of pregnancy using this multi-function pregnancy calculator. 

You can find out your patient’s last period date, her estimated conception time, how many weeks she’s been pregnant, and more. 

No problem if you have multiple pregnant patients and don’t have the time to keep separate records. You can store many patients on Ob Wheel for quick retrieval. 

Additionally, Ob Wheel may export data to XML on your SD card if you need to examine it on a computer or want to back it up in a secure location. 


15. Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD was created by QxMD Medical Software, Inc. and a group of clinical professionals with various backgrounds. 

For healthcare professionals, this software offers clinical calculators and decision-support tools. 

Moreover, it offers thorough and insightful results for patients and medical professionals and has complete references with Pubmed integration. 

Calculating focuses on identifying helpful instruments in clinical practice and affecting prognosis, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Users can access more than 150 exclusive calculators and decision help tools because of their sleek and simple user interface design. 

Choose from any of the several calculators gathered together for simple access. Choose a calculator that meets your present needs, such as a generic calculator, a calculator designed for cardiology, or one of many others. 

16. Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

With the help of Speed Anatomy Quiz Free, you can keep your memory sharp and ensure you are familiar with all the critical body components. 

In addition, the app is a compulsive game that tests your reflexes and tests your understanding of human anatomy

If you can have more fun playing a game instead of boring flashcards and covering body component names on a chart, do so. 

Nearly 300 pieces with labels are included in the free Speed Anatomy quiz from all the major body sections. 

More points are awarded if you can point to a liver, gallbladder, or incisor with more incredible speed and accuracy. 

Additionally, a magnifying glass emerges when your finger is hovered over a picture, allowing you to make more accurate decisions and receive better marks. 

Furthermore, there are 28 stages in Speed Anatomy Quiz Free, including an introduction to the respiratory system, arteries, veins, muscles, bones, and more. 

Speed Anatomy Quiz Free can help you brush up on your knowledge of the human body while working those late-night shifts. 


Last on our list of best android apps for doctors is the PEPID Apps. PEPID is a popular clinical support software among doctors who work in emergency rooms. 

However, with this medical reference software, doctors may make quicker diagnoses based on a fast comprehension of their patient’s symptoms. 

The solution suggests potential illnesses based on the patient’s symptoms, lab results, and physical exam findings.

Additionally, it notifies users of possible drug interactions and recommends the appropriate dosage. 

This medical reference app may find an encyclopedia of varied disease profiles, ailments, and treatment choices. 

Additionally, it provides medical professionals with hundreds of reference movies to help with clinical procedures and physical tests. 

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