12 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Best Apps for Dog Owners
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If you have a dog, there are several great apps that you can use to help with your pet ownership.

Whether you’re looking to track your dog’s feeding or daily activity, or whether you need to find the nearest vet office in an emergency, these apps will make life with your canine companion easier and more enjoyable.

No matter what you need, one of these 12 best apps for dog owners will do the trick!

1. GoodPup App

GoodPup is designed to help you keep track of your dog’s health in case of an emergency. The GoodPup app also makes it easier to ensure your Pup is getting regular exercise. This app can reduce his risk of obesity by 42 percent. 

Furthermore, GoodPup also has a feature that allows users to rate local pet-friendly businesses, including restaurants and parks.

GoodPup helps you find everything you need to keep Fido happy on walks, with integrations like Garmin Connect, FitBit, and more. Good Pup is one of the best apps for dog owners.

Also, the app makes it easy to log your Pup’s steps no matter where you are. You can consider getting these best apps for dog owners from your device app store.

2. Whistle

Your phone can help you connect with your dog. The whistle is a GPS location tracker that shows you where your dog is on a map, helping you keep track of them at all times. It will send an alert if they are not in their designated area. 

Likewise, the app also includes a social component so other users can share photos, videos, and reviews.

It’s great for owners who want to track their pets but don’t want it visible publicly on social media. Whistle, one of the best apps for dog owners, has this amazing social feature.

Like its counterparts, Whistle has the bonus of being free with no advertisements. It also features a rewards system called the Crate Club, which gives out points as a bonus.

Those who regularly visit local businesses or play games inside the app get these points.

3. Human-to-Dog Translator

If you’re a serious dog owner, Human-to-Dog Translator can give you valuable insight into your pooch’s thoughts.

You use your phone to video your dog barking, whining, or growling. The Human-to-Dog Translator plays back their voice so you can know what’s going on with your dog!

However, what you see might surprise you—or make sense of what’s happening in your pet’s head. Best of all, it could help bring out more loving interactions between pets and humans.

For example, if your Pup has been licking you after every walk lately, maybe he wants to be walked more often! 

4. Tracking Dog

Need help walking your dog? This app can tell you how far you’ve walked and how many steps you take per minute. Also, it can tell whether or not your dog is pulling on their leash. 

Furthermore, it also helps keep track of your Pup’s activity level throughout the day. These tracking features make it easy to see if they need more exercise or rest.

Tracking Dog will immediately alert you in case of an accident so you can clean up properly. 

You can even get GPS alerts when your dog has left his usual walking area. As long as he has an ID tag attached to his collar (which he should), you need not worry! This is an incredibly handy tool for those looking out for their furry friend.

Tracking dog is one of the best apps for dog owners. If you’re feeling like owning a dog as a pet, this app will add all the extra fun you need!

5. Wag!

Wag! is a great resource for dog owners. It’s an on-demand dog walking app that connects you with walkers who have experience walking your kind of dog. Wag! Gives the extra calm you knowing they’ll be extra gentle with your Pup. 

Also, you can schedule walks in advance (with pick-up/drop-off options). Likewise, you can ask a walker if they’re available right now via text message.

Some people refer to Wag! as Uber, but for dogs. According to their website, only 10% of dogs in America get regular walks outside their backyard. This is why we think Wag is one of the best apps for dog owners.

7. PupTox 

PupTox allows you to record your dog’s vaccinations, which is especially important if you travel.

Knowing when your dog was last vaccinated will also make it easier for you to decide when it’s best to get him re-vaccinated. The app also allows you to enter details about each vaccination.

For example, where it was administered and what kind of vaccine is involved. PupTox has all the relevant data on file, so there’s no need for any double-checking or guesswork on your part.

Whether you want information on distemper, parvo, or rabies vaccines, PupTox has you covered!   

Furthermore, you can also generate an itinerary of upcoming vaccinations, ensuring that they don’t pile up. The app gives you an extra hand you need so you can tend to other important matters in life.

These best apps for dog owners can do much more than keep your dog company; PupTox proves that!

8. BabelBark Dog App

We all know how life can get in the way of keeping up with our beloved dogs, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you want your pet walked, trained, or played with, apps out there can help. If you love hiking, then BabelBark is a perfect app for you and your pooch. 

Once you’ve signed up, your first walk will be free, but after that, it’s only $12 per month. They use Google Maps and have an excellent client base in NYC. They also do pick-ups and drop-offs!  

Also, Bark is another great app for those who need their dog walk but don’t have time to take it on their own. You tell them when you need them picked up and where they’ll be going.

You can include what kind of dog they’re taking care of (mixed breed, small breed, etc.) and any medications they need (if any).

9. Tractive Dog Walk

Also, it provides you with useful data about his whereabouts, including distance traveled and speed. Another great feature is setting up alerts based on certain behaviors, such as barking.

This feature lets you know even if he leaves an established area when he isn’t supposed to be! 

Tractive is a GPS tracker for dogs. Tractive helps you track your dog’s location online anytime and receive notifications if your dog leaves an established area.

This app is especially helpful when training your dog in new areas or off-leash. 

Other best apps for dog owners include Glimpse, which allows you to post pictures of your Puppfrom anywhere. You can also comment and like other pet parents’ posts, making this app social media-friendly!

10. Vitus Vet

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your dog’s health, VitusVet is a great choice.

The app allows you to enter information about your pet, including vaccinations, so you can access it quickly if something happens.

You can set reminders, too—the app will let you know when it’s time for your dog’s next walk or meal. 

Additionally, VitusVet offers blood pressure measurements and heart rate tracking for those who want even more detail. Once everything is up-to-date in your account, all you have to do is click on a button.

You’ll be notified when your pet enters or out of its carrier. That way, you won’t accidentally leave them behind somewhere! We consider Vitus Vet one of the best apps for dog owners because your dog’s health is considered!

11. BarkBuddy App For Dogs

Does your dog love treats? Do you have some free time on your hands? You might be lucky if you said yes to both of these questions. A new app called BarkBuddy may be a great fit for you. 

Furthermore, the idea behind BarkBuddy is simple. Pet owners in need of some dog walking help post their request online, and then local dog walkers can offer up their services.

Similar apps have been used with great success for nannies, babysitters, and house cleaners—so why not dogs? 

BarkBuddy might be one of the best apps for dog owners right up your alley. Try this app if you’re looking for a long-term arrangement or something more temporary. Also, it is less expensive than traditional dog training.

12. MapMyDogWalk

Don’t worry about getting stuck in traffic on your way to take your dog out. With MapMyDogWalk, you can easily plan a walking route that covers everything.

For instance, distance and elevation (total climbing) to traffic data, nearby amenities, and points of interest. 

Best of all, you can view real-time results on a map as you walk! Other best apps for dog owners offer similar features; however, they don’t have as much detail about what kinds of features are along your planned route. 

Furthermore, they don’t provide much information on how far each one is from where you are at any given moment. MapMyDogWalk provides more time to enjoy walks with your dog.


I hope you found some new tools and apps you can use on your next adventure with your favorite furry friend.

Most of these are available on Android and Apple’s App Store, so check them out. I’d love to know if there’s a pet-friendly app I didn’t cover here that you think deserves mention.

Just be sure to let me know in the comments below! I always enjoy learning about new ways people share their adventures with pets.

Hopefully, these best apps for dog owners will create an amazing and fun-filled adventure with your pet!

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