20 Android and iPhone Apps for Dog Owners

best apps for dog owners
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Technology has improved over the years, and as a dog lover, you need these best apps for dog owners.

Many available apps target those with pets, which you will need if you own a dog. 

You can use your phone for various activities, such as seeking crucial information, getting directions, ordering food, shopping, tracking your steps, etc. 

Our smartphone apps can simplify scheduling doctor’s appointments, getting dog treats, and finding dog sitters while we’re gone for the weekend. 

Dog owners now have access to more apps than ever before. Of course, only some of them are worthwhile.

But as you’ll see on this list, we searched the internet for the finest of the best. 

By streamlining and enhancing your life, these apps will enable you to spend more time with your favorite dog.

Here are some of the best apps for dog owners. 

1. Pet First Aid 

The American Red Cross developed the Pet First Aid app to assist dog owners in handling problems with their pets.

If you have an emergency, the app will walk you through each stage of handling one. 

Additionally, it will assist you in finding the closest veterinary clinics so your dog can receive the necessary care.

You may use this app to find hotels that allow pets if you’re traveling. 

You can also schedule medical visits, make pet profiles, and find dangerous foods your dog shouldn’t eat.

Download on iOS and Android.

2. Chewy 

The Chewy app includes many goods that will satisfy your reasonably priced needs, including toys, food, pharmaceuticals, and more. 

It’s hardly surprising that this app has established itself as a standard on every pet owner’s device.

It also has clear categories, auto-ship orders, and your favorite things presented attractively. 

It can be expensive and time-consuming to own a pet. Some dogs might be frightened by strangers, new situations, and loud noises.

It is great to pair this with soothing treats. Additionally, Chewy has been useful for a while.

By having your food automatically supplied to your house regularly, you won’t need to go shopping every time you run out.

Download on iOS and Android.

3. BringFido 

The next app on our list of the best apps for dog owners is BringFido. Using this useful app, you may discover several pet-friendly locations to enjoy with your dog.

Users can search over 250,000 distinct venues, including dog parks, lodgings, tourist attractions, restaurants, vacation rentals, and more, and find out the specific dog policies for each one, including leash regulations and other crucial information. 

Download on iOS and Android.

4. PetDesk 

This PetDesk app aims to give your dog the same benefits you do: a longer, better, and happier life.

Tracking everything in one location streamlines your pet’s care and assists you in managing their health.

It keeps track of your veterinarian appointments, assists you in finding new pet sitters, and syncs with your calendar to send alerts and reminders.

Download on iOS and Android.

5. Puppr 

Another one of the best apps for dog owners is Puppr. Despite being available for a while, this app has only gotten better.

With each subsequent update, the app’s creators have continued to invest in it by introducing new features. 

The app is a great resource to use when teaching your dog. You can access more than 70 lessons on Puppr that have been prepared by qualified trainers. 

Each lesson includes detailed written instructions, pictures, and videos that show the subject in action.

Struggling? Open the app to speak with a live trainer and get their advice on what you can do.

You can monitor your progress during each class on your dog’s profile on the app.

They have gamified your dog’s training by giving rewards like digital badges for passing classes. 

The app also has a built-in digital clicker for clicker training and a carefully selected store with training supplies, including crates, treats, and equipment that reputable trainers have approved. 

Download on iOS and Android.

6. AllTrails 

The AllTrails app enables you to locate all the best paths where your dog can accompany you if you enjoy hiking, riding, backpacking, and other outdoor activities that need you to travel along trails. 

You can browse more than 100,000 trails and sort them by length, difficulty, and other factors.

The app lets you list your favorite trails and get driving directions.

Download on iOS and Android.

7. 11Pets 

11Pets was created with one goal: to make caring for your pet simpler.

It maintains track of appointments, prescription regimens, immunization schedules, and more in one simple location. 

You’ll also receive automated reminders for crucial tasks like scheduling veterinary appointments or remembering to provide medication.

All these features make 11Pets one of the best apps for dog owners.

Download on iOS and Android.

8. BarkHappy 

This useful app, BarkHappy, allows you to communicate with local dog owners, find places and events that welcome dogs, have fun with your dog, and get lost and found notifications. 

The app allows you to organize and host your doggie playdates, invite guests, and get special discounts on specific pet supplies.

Download on iOS and Android.

9. PetCube 

Next on our list of the best apps for dog owners is PetCube.

For you to keep in touch with your dog while you’re gone, Petcube creates actual cameras and treat dispensers. 

The simplest Petcube camera is made just for keeping an eye on your pets, while more advanced models have treat dispensers that you can activate from anywhere.

Check in on your dog, communicate with them using the Petcube’s built-in speaker and microphone, and, if they sit, give them a treat.

They naturally benefit from it as well, and it is enjoyable for you and gives you a chance to stay in touch with them while you are away. 

Download on iOS and Android.

10. PetCoach 

You may ask a veterinarian anything you want at any moment with this practical app, thanks to PetCoach.

Certified US veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and other professionals are on the other side to address your queries about dogs’ health. 

You can go through the enormous ask-and-answer area with thousands of questions to discover the answer to any issue you are currently experiencing with your dog. 

There are also many educational articles on subjects that dog owners may find useful. It’s one of the pet applications you will want to be with this year.

Download on iOS and Android.

11. GoodPup 

Next on our list of the best apps for dog owners is GoodPup.

You can work one-on-one with certified, rated, and approved trainers using this beautifully made app to get your dog acting as well as it can. 

Also, you choose your trainer based on their profile, reviews, certificates, and areas of expertise.

You can communicate with your trainer between video sessions to get rapid answers to frequent queries.

Thanks to the app’s flexible scheduling features, you can train your dog whenever convenient.

Training remotely is much more advantageous since you don’t need to leave your house or host somebody.

Training your dog is essential, and GoodPup can ensure you are doing the right thing.

Download on iOS and Android.

12. Whistle 

You may use this Whistle app to follow your dog’s whereabouts, keep tabs on his health and fitness, and more.

The device must be bought, and a membership is needed even if the app is free to download. 

Dogs can use Whistle as an activity tracker and a locator if lost.

This is important for dog owners who live in cities where their pets can roam free and those who live in rural areas without restrictions. 

Even well-behaved dogs are prone to becoming sidetracked and wandering off.

The whistle tag is attached to the dog’s collar and instantly informs you if your dog ventures outside its safe area. 

If you can’t find your dog in the dark, turn on the light on their tag. You can also monitor your pet’s health by seeing how often they scratch or lick themselves. 

To assist users in being the greatest pet parents possible, users receive helpful notifications when their pet exits a designated safe zone. 

Download here.

13. GreatPetCare 

Another one of the best apps for dog owners is GreatPetCare. Your pet care is simpler with this all-in-one pet health tracker that maintains all your measurements. 

The GreatPetCare app even allows you to request official medical documents from your veterinarian.

As a result, it will be simple to care for your dog in the future because you will always have access to all of their medical information. 

Additionally, you may avoid writing everything down and crossing your fingers that you don’t lose the paper by using this app to keep track of your dog’s prescriptions, doctor visits, and vaccinations.

Download on iOS and Android.

14. Dog Scanner 

Dog Scanner is fun in addition to being helpful. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Dog Scanner lets you scan a dog with your iPhone’s camera (or an uploaded photo) to find out what breed it is, including mixes. 

The app includes extra popular breeds, even though they are not officially recognized, in addition to the more than 350 FCI breeds.

The app will quickly respond with the dog’s breed information or a breakdown if it determines that the dog is a mix. 

Once the breed has been scanned, the app will provide background information, including a photo, a history of how the breed developed, and how frequently it is identified.

Download on iOS and Android.

15. PupTox 

Next on our list of the best apps for dog owners is PupTox.

An extensive list of over 250 products that are hazardous to dogs and cats is provided by the PupTox app.

You have the option to browse through useful categories or do a search.

Now that you can quickly check whether food items are on the tox list, you won’t ever have to worry if the plants you wish to grow in your garden are dangerous for your dog. 

Download on iOS and Android.

16. Tractive GPS 

If you wish to use this app, you must buy the Tractive Tracker for your dog. After that, there are no more subscription costs to be concerned about. 

To ensure your dog never gets lost, you may use the app to track their location in real-time.

The tracker’s battery may last up to 5 days, and you can always check how much life is left using the app. 

One of the greatest applications for dog owners is that you can even create a safe zone like your backyard so that you’ll be warned every time your dog enters or exits the safe zone.

Download on iOS and Android.

17. Rover 

Another one of the best apps for dog owners is Rover. You can search through a big database of reputable services for dogs and cats using this app(and the website). 

You may locate pet sitters, dog walkers, house sitters, drop-in visits, boarding, and doggie daycare through a simple search engine.

The Rover Guarantee covers every service, offering round-the-clock assistance, photo updates, and reservation security. 

Download on iOS and Android.

18. Animal-ID 

If your dog likes to run away, consider getting an Animal-ID digital passport.

The app provides many useful functions, such as registering your dog’s microchip data and keeping track of your dog’s calendar and medical information. 

You can set off a lost pet alert if your dog walks off. One can see your contact information and the GPS location when they scan the QR code on the dog tags. Nice, no?

Download on iOS and Android.

19. Wag 

Have there ever been times when you needed someone to drop by your house and let your dog out because you were delayed and couldn’t make it? 

Or have you ever needed a dog sitter on a last-minute significant trip? Those used to be really difficult issues to deal with, but Wag has made them much easier. 

You may plan everything you need for your dog with this app, including a pet sitter, a walker, or even a random visitor to let the dog out.

Additionally, you can track your dog walker using GPS to ensure it receives the exercise it needs. 

Download on iOS and Android.

20. DogHero 

Last on our list of the best apps for dog owners is DogHero. Finding a boarding facility for your dog can be a challenging task.

Many boarding facilities are uninviting and need to look like the most comfortable accommodations for your dog.

However, DogHero allows you to locate the ideal private border nearby where your dog can enjoy all home amenities while in someone else’s residence. 

Less than 20% of applicants for babysitting jobs are accepted, which is the best feature of this service.

And those that succeed have a solid track record: 98% of DogHero’s sitters have received five-star evaluations. 

Download on iOS and Android.

Thanks to the ever-growing list of apps available, owning a dog has never been easier.

We hope this list of the best apps for dog owners helps you find the perfect one for your pup!

These apps have covered you, from tracking their location to finding a pet sitter! 

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