5 Best Apps for Monitoring Data Usage on Android

Best Apps for Monitoring Data Usage on Android

With technological advancements, practically everyone now uses the Internet on their smartphones.

Because the Internet has become such an important part of our lives, we connect with friends and family worldwide via chat, video, and audio conversations, consuming data.

However, while showering our love, we must also be mindful of our data limits.

It’s fantastic to have an unlimited data plan on your phone, but that doesn’t mean you should waste money on overages.

Monitoring your data consumption on Android might help you avoid issues with your carrier and learn how to utilize data more effectively.

This article discusses the best apps for monitoring data usage on Android so that you can keep track of your data usage.

How to Check Your Data Usage on Android

Most Android phones have a built-in app to check your data usage. If you’re on an Android, you can find it by going to Settings > Data usage (or just Data usage).

On newer versions of Android, there’s a bar graph showing how much data your phone has used in the last month—tap it to bring up more details on which apps are using how much data.

You can then tap each app individually to view more details, including how much of your data allotment each one is using up and when.

Apps for Monitoring Data Usage on Android

1. Check Data Usage App

The Check Data Usage app is one of the best apps for monitoring data usage on android. It is essential if you have a capped amount of data and want to know how much you’ve already used.

There are many great ways to do so, and my favorite way is with a free app called Data Usage Free.

It’s fast, easy, and can help you stay within specific data limits each month. This one makes sure you never go over your limit.

Its main feature is its alarm function, which lets you set an alert when you get close to using up all of your data for that month (this usually takes place around mid-month).

Another great feature of the Check Data Usage App is its widget function; once installed, it gives you an instant view of how much data you’ve used since last charging or turning on Wi-Fi. It also lets you set reminders based on specific amounts (like 250MB).

2. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire data usage monitor is one of the best apps for monitoring data usage on Android! This program allows you to keep track of your mobile data usage, data limits, and WiFi network usage.

Data alerts from GlassWire help you stay under your data cap and save money on your monthly phone bill.

GlassWire’s data manager capabilities are compatible with a wide range of mobile data carriers and 3G, 4G, 5G, Edge, GPRS, WiFi, and most other common telecommunications networks.

If your Cable, DSL, or Satellite ISP has data caps, it will send you Internet use alerts. GlassWire data usage monitor can measure roaming and roll-over minutes as well.

GlassWire’s graph helps preserve your privacy and identify suspicious app behavior, and block apps from connecting to the network.

3. Traffic Monitor

If you’re on a limited data plan or are trying to track how much data is being used by certain apps, getting in touch with your network provider might not be enough.

Luckily, several great apps can help. One of our favorites is known as Traffic Monitor, and it allows users to monitor their data usage across multiple devices.

These best apps for monitoring data usage on Android offer an easy-to-read visual display that shows which apps have consumed what amount of data while also offering a detailed report at each interval.

Here’s your chance if you want to know just how much Twitter has been used over time. With Traffic Monitor installed, you won’t have to spend hours hunting for Wi-Fi hot spots again.

4. My Data Manager

If you find yourself running out of data at inopportune times, consider downloading My Data Manager to keep track of your usage.

In addition to telling you how much data you have left, it helps control your overage charges by alerting you when you’re approaching a limit or that your monthly allotment has been reached.

It also provides information on how apps use your data and lets you restrict access for those who waste more than necessary.

This best app for monitoring data usage is for users who want a detailed look at their data use across all devices. It also allows you to set alerts and customize features to get what you need from it.

However, its focus on monitoring can be overwhelming if all you want is an overview of how much space you have left before reaching your cap.

5. Data usage- Data manager

Data usage is one of the best apps for monitoring data usage on Android. While important to keep an eye on, it is hard to track because carriers don’t provide details.

If you use an Android phone, there are a few apps you can download for free that allow you to monitor your data consumption easily.

The app also provides a customizable graph and displays useful insights like used/unused mobile data, different connection types, and their impact on data consumption (and shows how many Megabytes each connection type is used in total).


If you’re on a prepaid or unlimited plan, there’s no reason to worry about whether or not you’ll run out of data, but if you have a finite amount of megabytes per month to use, it pays to keep track and stay within reasonable bounds.

There’s no way for an app to know exactly how much data is being used by your phone without monitoring it. The recommendable way to monitor your data usage is to explore one of the best apps for monitoring data usage on Android discussed in this article.

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