16 Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

Suppose in the year 2023, you want to increase the amount of work you want to do dramatically.

In that case, one excellent strategy is using some of the best chrome extensions for Gmail.

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

1. Dittach

Have you ever misplaced a document that was attached to an e-mail? Obviously, you have. Count on one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail, Dittach, to assist you:

It adds a column to the right of your primary Gmail page, displaying thumbnails of all your e-mail attachments in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

For reviews of attachments in earlier e-mails, you may either scroll through this column or use the search bar to focus on the specific attachment you’re looking for.

Dittach also allows you to organize your saved attachments by type (PDFs, photographs, videos, and so on) to speed up the search process.

Simply clicking on a thumbnail will take you to a full preview of the attachment, from where you may either open the e-mail itself or take action on the attachment (delete, download, or share it). (The original e-mail will still exist even if you remove the attachment.)

2. Convert Google Docs to Gmail Drafts

Converting Google Docs to Gmail Drafts is self-explanatory; utilizing Google Docs to draft an e-mail that looks professional. For instance, it might make use of the charts found in Google Docs.

The extension places an “Open in Gmail” button in the top-right angle of the Google Docs window displaying the current document you’re working on.

Gmail will save the file as a draft if you click it. Your chosen sophisticated format will remain intact when you send it out from Gmail.

3. Gmail Sender Icons

With Gmail Sender Icons, the domain of the sender’s e-mail address and the domain’s favicon is next to the subject heading of each new e-mail in your inbox.

As an added layer of protection, you can check the sender’s e-mail domain before even opening the message.

A phishing e-mail’s subject line might read “Important E-mail from Dropbox,” but the e-mail itself won’t come from dropbox.com.

This add-on will reveal the true sender’s domain, among the best chrome extensions for Gmail, if you want some level of privacy.

4. Attachment Icons for Gmail

Attachments in your inbox used to be represented with a paperclip icon before Gmail’s revamp. Now, the first few characters of the filename accompany an icon representing each attachment.

You can tell what kind of file is attached to an e-mail by looking at the icon that appears just below the subject line; for example, if a PDF is attached, you will see a PDF icon.

However, this symbol is only visible when the main page’s “Display density” option is set to “Default.”

In the “Comfortable” and “Compact” views (which allow you to see more subject headers on the home page at once), the paperclip icon is to indicate whether messages have attachments.

By default, Gmail’s “Comfortable” and “Compact” view modes show a paperclip icon for attached files; the Attachment Icons for Gmail extension replaces this with a more appropriate icon.

If the file attached is a PDF, the icon will change to reflect that. In addition to images, sounds, and videos, Microsoft Office docs and other document formats can all have their custom icons thanks to Attachment Icons (Excel, PowerPoint, Word).

The Gmelius add-on indeed serves the same purpose and much more besides. Attachment Icons isn’t the extension for you if you’re searching for a panacea.

Still, it is perfect if all you need is a quick way to tell different sorts of attachments apart from any view.

5. LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that encodes and it stores all of your login information, including passwords, in a single, centralized vault.

It’s as easy as sending an e-mail through Gmail; all you have to do is to log in to the site, enter your login information, and all of your data will be accessible to you.

You won’t have to stress about remembering complicated passwords for each account.

Because LastPass is compatible with Macs, PCs, Linux, and iOS and Android mobile devices, it enables you to access your passwords from any location.

Since there is no cost in using it, there is no reason not to! Additionally, it has several useful features, such as password notifications and protected notes that only you can access.

In order to ensure that you are always receiving notifications whenever a password when another user has access to an account.

It also refers to one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail add-ons your want to have on your shelf.

6. Gmelius

When it comes to the extensions for Gmail, Gmelius is frequently popular as a “Swiss Army Knife.” It can do almost everything you would require for normal Gmail chores.

E-mail templates, e-mail tracking, e-mail automation, and even a shared inbox are just a few of the key features of Gmelius.

This comes in handy when composing an e-mail from various senders to various recipients.

There will be occasions when you do not have the time to locate several versions of an e-mail and incorporate it from another software.

Therefore, considering all this, Gmelius is a strong candidate for an all-in-one solution. Please keep in mind that the fee would be $9 monthly.

7. Boomerang

You may already be familiar with one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail, known as Boomerang because it is one of the available add-ons. This time-honored program was one of the very first Gmail applications.

The primary purpose of Boomerang is to function as a productivity extension for outreach. AI writing is one of the most recent additions to the e-mail services that are available.

Artificial intelligence can assist you in determining more effective methods of communication and even locate errors in your electronic correspondence.

Other primary functions, such as “Mass E-mail” and “Templates,” are also included. You can purchase a plan for an amount as low as $5 per month.

8. Wrike

Wrike is among the best chrome extensions for Gmail available for cloud-based project management software that can be integrated with Gmail.

It allows you to create tasks, see existing ones, and even make changes to existing ones, all without leaving Gmail.

In addition, you have tools at your disposal, such as submitting and receiving comments without having to exit Gmail.

When working within Gmail, it is frequently challenging to coordinate the activities of a large number of individuals and groups.

You can communicate, share access, adjust visibility, and generally manage your projects completely online in a way that provides every participant with what they require to move ahead, thanks to the thoughtfulness displayed by Wrike.

9. TeamCal

Have you ever wished there was a more straightforward approach to synchronizing the functionalities of your calendar with Gmail? The good news is that this Gmail add-on takes care of exactly that for you.

When you utilize TeamCal, it is much simpler to plan and schedule the activities, events, and meetings involving your team and the projects themselves.

People who work in management will find this tool to be especially helpful. It would be best if you were able to juggle several different persons and projects simultaneously.

TeamCal, on the other hand, provides you with several helpful features, including synchronization with Google Calendar and your phone, as well as the ability to share, print, and manage event invitations.

You can release some of the pressure you feel and instead place it on the extension.

10. Gfycat

Nothing is more vital than GIFs in the current e-mail protocol. Putting jokes aside, the use of GIFs in communication, from simple text messages to formal e-mails, has grown increasingly common and accepted in recent years.

On the other hand, locating the appropriate GIF and being able to e-mail it was tough and complex up until now.

The good news is that Gfycat, a helpful Gmail plugin among the best chrome extensions for Gmail,  can alleviate this problem.

You have access to more than 40 million different GIFs to choose from, allowing you to locate the one that best suits your needs quickly.

And the best part is that you can enter them directly into your e-mail without leaving Gmail.

11. Row Highlighter for Gmail

Another extension designed to serve a specific function: Row Highlighter for Gmail highlights the subject line of an e-mail as you move the mouse over it on the Gmail homepage.

There’s nothing revolutionary here; it’s merely a visual help for quickly scanning your inbox for the e-mail you need to open.

You have control over the highlight color and can choose between two options that visually distinguish between messages that have been read and those that have not yet been read.

12. Checker Plus for Gmail or Notifier for Gmail

You will be notified of new e-mails by Checker Plus for Gmail through pop-up windows that appear in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop of your computer.

Every pop-up window displays a preview of the first few lines of the e-mail. Open a panel at the top of your Chrome window by clicking the Checker Plus symbol in the toolbar for Chrome extensions. You will see a list of your unread e-mail messages.

Without having to navigate to the primary page of your Gmail account, you can read them directly from this panel (or have Checker Plus read them out loud to you), delete them, or take other actions. You can even write a brand new e-mail directly from the panel.

Using this plugin, you can keep an eye on several Gmail accounts. The developer of Checker Plus claims that there is no limit on the number of Google user accounts that users can add to the program;

However, it appears that the Gmail servers only allow approximately ten accounts to which users can have access simultaneously by a single machine.

13. Mailtrack

Concerning the monitoring of e-mails, several add-ons allow you to monitor the reception of the messages you send and receive a confirmation when the messages are read.

Most of them will charge you for this service, but many will let you send a certain amount of tracked e-mails for free.

The free version of Mailtrack is one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail and popular extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

This is largely because it enables users to send an infinite amount of tracked e-mails. You can track an infinite number of e-mails with the free version of Gmelius.

Still, Mailtrack is one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail if you want an extension that doesn’t have as many additional capabilities linked to e-mail tracking as Gmelius does.

Mailtrack, in contrast to Gmelius and other trackers, does not have a send-later option. This feature enables users to schedule an e-mail sent on a specific day and time.

Mailtrack’s Pro subscription, which costs $5 a month, is the only one that offers access to advanced features such as daily activity reports, click monitoring, and reminders if recipients have not seen your e-mail after a certain amount of time has passed.

14. PixelBlock

You’re not a fan of monitoring e-mails, at least not when it comes to the communications addressed to you, are you?

PixelBlock can prevent an e-mail tracker from relaying information to the sender about if or not their message is read if you receive an e-mail with the tracker already.

After opening an e-mail with PixelBlock, you will only be able to determine whether or not it contains a tracker.

If it is, you will notice a symbol of a red eye crossing out the next sender’s name. When you click on this icon, a callout will appear in which the name of the tracking service, if it can be recognized, will be displayed.

15. Grammarly

Grammarly has been around for quite some time, but they have just recently published their first plugin for the Chrome web browser.

The application will not only swiftly analyze your messages for spelling issues, but it will also examine the tone of your e-mail.

This will ensure that the e-mails you send have the best chance of having the appropriate effect and receiving a reply from the recipient.

The extension works exceptionally well even though it is still in beta and is anticipated to continue developing until 2023.

It is among the best chrome extensions for Gmail to pass messages across with the right tonality and spelling.

16. Voila Norbert

One of the most successful e-mail finder programs is famous as Voila Norbert. Suppose you’ve never used an e-mail finder before.

In that case, the principle is straightforward: all you do is enter the name of the person whose e-mail address you wish to discover together with their domain, and Voila Norbert does the rest of the work for you.

This extension also performs bulk e-mail searches, which means you can enter a domain, and Voila Norbert will return all of the e-mail addresses it discovers with that domain. This add-on is very helpful for outbound e-mail marketing campaigns.

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