15 of the Best Discord Alternatives for Gamers

Best Discord Alternatives for Gamers

Are you fed up with a brimming chatbox and frequent raids happening in Discords? Do you want some professional Discord Alternatives? Well, here we are with the best Discord alternatives for gamers in-store.

Humans are social animals. They crave communication, attention, interaction, and transmission of words.

Discord developers have been kind enough to develop a VoIP app where gamers can connect with fellow players on their PCs.

Players have been pleased as punch since they got in touch with such versatile instant messaging and team chat solutions (Discord).

The chat apps serve all-rounder features, from sharing your gaming tactics with your buddies to sharing routines.

However, something can get scary as your personal data is not secure there.

Are you sick and tired of server raids, chat bombarding, and harassment complaints against Discords?

Well, don’t feel blue. We have got some great discord alternatives for gamers. They are safe, robust, and server-boosting. 

Top Discord Alternatives for Gamers

It can be nerve-wracking when you are deep in talk with other gamers, then your chat gets raided by strangers.

Well, you can create your central servers. Still, the options are limited.

Therefore, we have curated a list of 15 alternative discords, especially for all gamers.

1. Element (formerly Riot)

Element is here to save all the gamers if their server goes down while playing the games. Element (formerly Riot) can do you better. 

The best thing is that this VoIP app has used a simple user interface for Discords.

Therefore, it’ll be easy to get a grasp of it. This Discord alternative has end-to-end encryption, saving you from the raiders.

Want to have a video call with your gaming community? No issue; drop the joining group calls without disturbing others. 

2. Slack

Do you have a big group of gamers who want seamless dealing and chat with pals? It’s time to say goodbye to all invaders with this addition to our best discord alternatives list.

Slack has an interface to serve all visual enthusiasts. The incredible integration with 800+ third-party tools.

You can enjoy smooth text, video calls, voice calls, and file-sharing to enhance your gaming experience with Slack.

3. Telegram

If you have been looking for discord alternatives for gamers, then it is impossible to have not come across Telegram.

It does not replace Whatsapp or any Discord but constitutes its unique attributes. Do you have a bigger audience to engage? Then, it is your thing.

The app has the best of both worlds for you. It has the feature of bots where you can add almost 200000 members.

You can even broadcast your gaming strategies to an extended frame by channels.

4. Steam Chat

Are you that gamer who likes to stream with only an intimate group of chums? Then, Steam Chat can be your cup of tea.

The game entails the features of only being able to hook up with mates. Other than that, all PC gamers love this app as there’s no need to involve third-party applications.

You can stream and communicate with Steam just fine. Are you ready to take over the control of your service? Then give a chance to this one among other alternatives to discord.

5. Mumble

This Discord alternative has got to be the favorite of all gaming communities.

The most reliable factor is that there’s no need for a hectic setup like other discord alternatives.

You can get Mumble on your browser and enjoy a free online gaming transmission experience. 

It is known for its error-free and high audio-quality features. One other specification is that it safeguards your chats. 

So, no stranger can trespass on the privacy of the discord users.

6. Overtone

The technology of Overtone is exclusive to all gamers. The competitive yet simple chatbox employs Vivox (with an ultimate integrated voice chat feature and echo cancellation services).

Video gaming popular choices like PUBG, League of Legends, and Fortnite utilize Vivox, the same service.

It has all the necessary text features supporting video, voice messages, and group chitchats.

You can always explore and meet new companions with similar interests. Download it now on the browser and witness endless gaming conversations.

7. Skype

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and additional features on your chatbox, Skype is one of the best discord alternatives.

It is worth a while for voice, audio quality, and video chat feature accessibility. This VoIP app offers all standard functions for in-game needs. 

The gaming experience has become very hassle-free for all gamers.

8. Microsoft Teams

The team helps you build your team chat group where you can stream your game while chatting with the gamers.

This app assists all the players in holding online meetings in an organized way.

The meeting holder can always add and kick out the members. The unique thing is that you are given control over Microsoft Teams.

You can always drop your gaming regimes and related information in the discords. So, is it not appealing among other discord alternatives for gamers?

9. Mattermost

Are you concerned about data privacy issues? Do you want to display your techniques with the gaming community with security? 

Then, Mattermost should be your optimum choice for gamers.

The open-source software has plenty of benefits to showcase: the best Discord alternative for better team management and ultimate customizations.

10. Jitsi

Are you all in to take advantage of the incredible video features of Jitsi? All the professional and experienced gamers can take video conferencing solutions to another level.

You may brace yourself as you’re about to experience advanced video routing concepts.

The gaming world is about to get enthusiastic with the stunning add-ons of bandwidth estimations or scalable video coding.

11. Wire

The Wire is here to cater to you with a superior user experience, tailored integrations, and chat encryption. 

It is one of the best discord alternatives for gamers, offering fast real-time communications and collaborations.

You can even communicate with viewers all over the world. Therefore, the productivity increases with Wire.

12. Ventrilo

Ventrilo is the optimum choice among the best discord alternatives for gamers.

It has a lot of in-game support traits like premium voice quality and lightweight design use of processors.

The power backups, low latency voice messages, maximum uptime, and sufficient internet bandwidth make Ventrilo stand above all.

13. Zoom

Yes, I know you may be thinking: Is Zoom fine for gamers? Well, you may hate it due to online classes or work-related dealings.

However, if you step out a bit, I’ll introduce you to the surprising features of Zoom for gamers. Notice that it offers everything that other discord alternatives do.

You can stream your fantastic game pattern with your true blue friends in optimal video quality. Go now and take benefit of its easy-to-use user interface and save a few Mbs.

14. TeamSpeak

No seasoned gamer is unaware of the capabilities of TeamSpeak. The oldest chatbox in the list of best discord alternatives has been the most loved.

The chatbox offers chat services with minimal personal details and provides impeccable support, splendid security, lag-free communication, and advanced permissions.

Have you always wanted to gossip with your intimate buddy while not sharing with other group members? 

Well, you no longer need to grab your phone. You can now gossip with your friends with the whisper feature in TeamSpeak.

15. RaidCall

All discord users streaming on Raidcall feel like having hit a Jackpot.

Why? Because it has a bountiful of efficient elements to offer. The users get to search for the communities they want to join.

Other than that, you can interact with 100,000+ members simultaneously.

While you talk, you can also chat with colleagues or watch some series on YouTube and Twitch.

The operations are the same even when you’re streaming games with a big team. Withal, you get to see a lot of viewers.


All skilled gamers must have searched the seas for the list of discord alternatives for gamers. Some have privacy concerns, and others have had enough of spam. 

Therefore, we have come up with the best discord alternatives for gamers. They can help you stream and collaborate with no stress.

So, what is stopping you? Go live at your desired communication platforms and display your wild abilities.

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