15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Are you a lover of audio sounds, be it music or podcasts? We have curated this article on the best equalizer apps for Android to enhance your experience.  

An equalizer is a software program designed to modify various sound frequencies and audio signals on your smartphone.

It is popularly referred to as an “EQ app.” Users can adjust the sound quality in the app to make it sound exactly as they would like it to. 

Whether you’re using a music app without an equalizer or having poor headphones with insufficient volume, whatever the reason, an equalizer allows you to improve the sound manually, alter the treble and bass, and even add reverb. 

We know how important it is for audiophiles to have the best sound quality on their devices, including Android smartphones.

Although the Android operating system supports equalizers, they offer little to nothing to enhance the sound and provide the desired experience. 

Similar to music apps, only a small percentage includes an equalizer by default, which raises the demand for third-party equalizer apps that let you customize the sound quality. 

Many modern Android phones still don’t have a system-wide way to improve the audio quality on your phone, while some do come with a simple equalizer in the sound settings. 

You will need a third-party solution if your phone doesn’t have one or requires advanced functions that the built-in Equalizer does not provide. 

You may change different frequencies with these best equalizer apps for Android to achieve the perfect sound on your phone. 

1. Wavelet 

If you’re a true audiophile, you must listen to music mostly through headphones.

However, if you aren’t using an EQ program created specifically for headphones, you must get the most out of it. 

One such program created by an XDA member, Wavelet, contains over 2400 sound profiles tailored for different headphone models.

Therefore, all you need to do to get started is connect your audio, turn on AutoEQ, and choose the appropriate headphones. 

Additionally, the program offers a limiter option that assists you in handling files with varying volume levels.

It also has a channel balance feature that allows you to individually adjust the gain, which is useful when attempting to hear a lead guitar or the bass in a song. 

The program includes all the features above for free, but you may increase its functionality by activating $5.49 effects, including bass booster, reverb, virtualizer, and bass tuner.

Stay calm if you see no controls in the app; the app only displays options while a tune is playing.

2. Equalizer and Bass Booster 

Bass Booster and Equalizer are very self-explanatory. It has an equalizer and a bass booster.

To be more precise, it has a bass booster, ten Equalizer presets, and a five-band equalizer.

According to the creators, it should function with most music, video, and FM radio players. 

The software occasionally shuts down when left running in the background and occasionally breaks down.

This is the only significant problem. One of the easier equalization apps, it should function on most devices. 

3. Equalizer FX 

Next on our list of best equalizer apps for Android is Equalizer FX.

With Equalizer FX, you can easily access a 5-band EQ, effects, and profiles through a simple, uncomplicated interface. The three effects are Loudness, Virtualization, and Bass Boost. 

Except when using headphones (and even then, it’s a tiny difference), you won’t notice much difference when the virtualization effect is applied. The effects aren’t just On/Off, which is good.

You can turn them on and then use the slider to the right or left to change how much of the effect you wish to add to your sound. 

The Profiles tab offers access to many EQ presets and the option to add new profiles. In addition to being free, Equalizer FX has a bar of undetectable ads at the bottom of the window. 

4. Flat Equalizer 

Using an Android smartphone, select Flat Equalizer to apply expert equalizer effects to your favorite tunes.

The Flat Equalizer includes tools such as a five-band equalizer, amplifier, bass boost, 3D virtualizer, volume control, and more, allowing you to adjust the loudness, treble, and bass individually. 

Features of the flat Equalizer are: 

  • 10-band EQ to equalize music, amp, bass boost, 3D virtualizer, reverb, slider volume & audio control. 
  • In-built Presets like Classical, Dance, Flat, and more.  
  • Supports new presets creation 
  • Bass Booster Effect 
  • Volume Booster Effect 
  • Loudness Enhancer Effect 
  • Surround Sound Effect 
  • It can be used with all popular music and video players

The user interface is precise, making it simple to change the sound effects. The app lets you switch between dark and light themes to prevent eye strain.  

5. Equalizer by MWM 

Next on our list of best equalizer apps for Android is Equalizer by MWM. A music equalizer, an MP3 player, and a bass booster are all included in the Equalizer by MWM apps. 

Ten presets are available for Equalizer’s seven bands, and users can also make and save their custom settings.

It is incompatible with Spotify and other streaming services; it can only be used with audio (songs or podcasts) stored on your device.

Don’t let that deter you, though; if playing locally saved audio files is how you want to listen to music or podcasts, the entire package you’re receiving is wonderful for that. Instead, consider our advice on improving the audio quality using Spotify. 

The MP3 player is simple to use. It contains a visualizer, and a sleep timer, supports crossfading (up to 20 seconds), and automatically finds any audio you have saved on your device. 

Even sharing songs with other users on the same network is possible. You can offer someone a code so they can stream your whole collection remotely as long as they have the app installed on their device. 

6. Music Volume EQ 

Anyone looking for the best equalizer apps for Android may have found it. Music Volume EQ offers a global equalizer on your smartphone, which means it functions with apps like YouTube and Spotify that lack an integrated equalizer and works with local music files. 

It contains a five-band equalization convenient enough to adjust music and a basic yet effective user interface.

You get the renowned classic visualization and volume control when opening the app

The volume unit section and the EQ are the first two major components of the app. Let’s start with the latter. On the home screen, press the EQ icon to view the EQ. 

You can enhance the bass and use the virtualizer, and it also displays a five-band equalizer.

If you prefer pre-defined presets, several options are accessible, including hip-hop, dance, and pop. 

The program can be used as a visualizer in full-screen mode as well. Many other visualizer choices are available, and motions can adjust the volume.

It will also function if you combine it with other programs. The application utilizes a split-screen. 

7. Poweramp Equalizer 

Next on our best equalizer apps for Android is Poweramp Equalizer. One of the newest equalizers on the list is Poweramp Equalizer.

The program has features other equalizers lack, such as bass and treble tone adjustments, a customizable amount of bands, and more. Once you become familiar with the various settings, it’s really simple.

Most Bluetooth and wired headphones, streaming music apps, and local music players should also function with them.

Being more recent, it gains by using a contemporary strategy. You ought to give this one a shot first. 

8. Headphones Equalizer 

In addition to being excellent at making music adjustments simple, Headphones Equalizer also seamlessly interacts with any music player you are using, allowing you to modify the music playing without leaving the EQ app. 

Inside Headphones Equalizer, you can change the volume, pause, return, or skip forward. Of course, the app also lets you choose from a few presets and manually manipulate a 5-band EQ.

The premium version of Headphones Equalizer unlocks a few extra features and is available for free (ad-free) download. 

9. SpotEQ31 

This app is next on our list of best equalizer apps for Android. SpotEQ31, which has a 7-31 band equalization, is an attractive way to listen to music on your Android smartphone.

According to the level of precision you want, you can choose from 7, 11, 15, 21, or 31 bands for the Equalizer. 

Its amazing features are 31 bands (choose down to 7 bands EQ), select between, joined or separate sides EQ configuration; multiple presets, create your own, boosts bass and clarifies treble, limiter and 3d sound stereo expansion, and extra loudness with the pre-gain volume. 

SpotEQ 31 is the finest program for adjusting headphones with varying frequencies because it lets you choose from various sound presets, balancing, and pre-gain volumes.

The frequency spectrum for each ear may be accurately identified by SpotEQ 31.  

10. Equalizer by iJoysoft 

This app is number ten on our list of best equalizer apps for Android. In terms of features, Equalizer by iJoysoft is comparable to Equalizer & Bass Booster. However, the two apps’ user interfaces are very unlike. 

A ten-band equalization with five additional bands is available in the first tab’s settings.

One of the best features of this software is equalization, which has 22 presets available. The standard bass booster and the virtualizer are located below that. 

There are volume controls in the second tab that let you boost the volume by up to 200%. You can do this by turning the dial or using the percentage buttons. 

11. SoundID 

SoundID is a novel idea. It makes an effort to alter the sound of your headphones so they sound different.

This software demonstrates the versatility of digital equalization. It is compatible with the most widely used local and streaming music players

You can fiddle with the sound and make minor changes to get everything exactly right. It’s more complicated than most equalization apps, but it’s okay once you figure it out.

Since this software has significantly improved since its initial release, the creators are also doing an excellent job of eliminating issues. 

12. VLC for Android 

Next on our list of best equalizer apps on Android is VLC for Android. VLC has a 10-band EQ, even though it is a media player (for audio and video files). It is simple to modify the built-in EQ, and you may even choose from one of eighteen presets. 

The EQ is effective; however, because it only shows 4 bands at once, you have to scroll left or right to change the settings for each band.

The built-in EQ in VLC is worth using with this caveat. One of the best media players on the market is frequently cited as VLC. 

The VLC EQ only functions within the app, so those looking to utilize it with other audio apps may be disappointed. The software is open-source, free, and contains no ads. 

13. Music Equalizer 

With an integrated Bass Booster, Volume Booster, and 3D Virtualizer, Music Equalizer is a simple-to-use program that provides excellent sound quality.

The user interface is clear and well-organized, making navigation easier. 


  • Bass boost effect 
  • Media volume control 
  • Stereo surround sound effect 
  • Virtualizer effect 
  • 5 Bands Equalizer 
  • Ten bands Equalizer for Android 10.x 
  • Volume booster 
  • 10 presets equalizations 
  • Music playing process control 

This is one of the best equalizer apps for Android. Although the app’s free edition includes banner advertising, you may always pay $4 to remove them. 

14. Equalizer by Easyelife 

Although this Equalizer performs admirably, it remarkably resembles Equalizer by iJoysoft.

Both of these programs have almost the same options and layout. It does, however, have more presets. 28, to be exact. 

The sidebar menu’s options are comparable, with the same two tabs. But in terms of saving customized presets, we discovered this software to be simpler during our testing. 

Additionally, this app-specific equalizer type has a changeable option. The menu for the theme needs to be more understandable because it only displays the theme color, not a preview. 

15. Neutralizer 

Last on our list of best equalizer apps for Android is Neutralizer. The Neutralizer isn’t like other Equalizers.

This software concentrates on building a sound profile based on your hearing. 

Neutralizer employs a hearing test to alter the music based on your capacity to hear particular frequencies rather than providing a conventional EQ to change. 

It’s challenging (and takes some time to learn), but the effort is well worth it. Neutralizer is the software for you if you consider yourself an audiophile and know how subjective sound preferences may be. 

It is strongly advised that you utilize headphones instead of the device’s built-in speakers when using this.

Most music players are compatible with Neutralizer, and you can add as many profiles as you’d like. 

A profile is added by reducing each frequency’s sound until you can barely detect the tone.

Save the profile once you’re through; the sound you hear will be tailored to your hearing. There are no adverts, no in-app purchases, and the software is free. 


You can download these best equalizer apps for Android and test them out with your favorite headphones and music player to see whether they live up to their claims. 

Additionally, you can improve the sound on your phone with any of these Android equalization apps.

They all provide similar yet distinctive tools to change particular audio elements.

Your final decision over which app to download will depend on your priorities, including ease of use, visuals, numerous bands, or other capabilities. 

You can use audio only to pass the time or as an educational tool. You can improve the audio you’re listening to and play around with the Equalizer using these apps. 

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