8 Best Flight Tracker Apps for Android

Best Flight Tracker Apps for Android
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Booking a flight for travel means you need to keep up with the time so as not to miss the flight.

But sometimes, the human mind is occupied with several other things. How do you handle your flights to meet up with plans?

Flight tracker apps make it easy for you to plan and track your flight, so there’s no need to worry. Here’s a list of the best flight tracker apps for Android.

1. Flight View

Flight View is the simplest flight tracker app that checks the status of your flights in real-time. It runs on two versions; free and paid versions.

Though the free version is cool enough, the paid version offers more. It not only plots the flight path on a map but also provides the current radar weather.

Flight View also provides Google Maps-integrated driving directions to the airport. You can even look for and save flights up to 350 days in advance.

Further, in the ‘My Trips’ area, you can receive push notifications on flight status. It comes in both a free and a premium edition.


2. Flightradar 24

Flightradar is yet another fantastic flight tracker app for Android, and it comes with many uses. You can see the delayed flights and even check the weather at your destination.

Also, you can see what a pilot sees in 3D, check flight history, and learn about the plane’s age and serial number.

Flightradar24 runs on the free, silver, and gold versions. Though the free version is excellent, upgrading to the higher versions allows you to maximize the use of the app.

Furthermore, once you have the app, you can get a plane’s information by touching it. This could be useful when trying to keep track of planes while you’re moving.


3. Flight Hero

Flight Hero is one of the best flight tracker apps for Android. It shows your flight arrivals and departures on a real-time flight board.

It also offers information about the weather at the airport and traffic delays. Also, the app is free to download.

There are a lot of advanced filters you can use to get precise results. These filters include airlines, flight status, departure, and arrival status.

As the flight’s status changes, you’ll get push notifications from the app. Furthermore, there are seat maps for major airlines.


4. FlightStats

FlightStats is another fantastic app among the best flight tracker apps for Android. It makes tracking flights easy and simple.

The best thing about this app is its simple layout that lets you quickly check essential things.

You can check your flight status right away from your phone’s lock screen with the FlightStats Today widget. So, you don’t even have to open the app constantly.


5. FlightAware

Another great way to keep track of flights is to use the FlightAware Flight Tracker app for Android. This app shows how your flight is going in real-time.

Also, it has a detailed and live map to keep an eye on a commercial plane as it moves around the sky.

FlightAware lets you keep track of your flight with information like your plane’s registration number.

It also checks the airline, route, flight number, and airport code. Furthermore, the app sends real-time flight status notifications.


6. Air Traffic

Air Traffic also helps you to keep track of your trip more quickly. It shows a map-location view and real-time flight positions.

It will also give you information about the flight and show you where it is. Moreover, this app gives information about the airports where planes start and end their journeys.


7. Planes Live

If you want to keep track of your flight status, look at a detailed flight schedule, this app has you covered.

You can also use the app to see if information for a particular site is available, which will help you plan ahead of time.

When you use Planes Live, you can add your favorite airports and destinations to a “My Places” page. This makes it easier to keep track of your flights.

Also, it has a feature that lets you see planes near you, which is very useful. A fan of flying will want to look at airplane models and learn more about a flight, so they’ll want to go.


8. RadarBox24

RadarBox24 Free Flight Tracker is one of the best flight tracker apps for Android. It shows real-time flights around the world.

It gives you flight information on your phone right from the plane’s transponder. To find out what’s going on up there, point your phone up, so you’ll find flight, city, and airport quickly.

It also gives you real-time arrival and departure information and flight status while you’re out and about.


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