11 Best iPhone Apps for Vlogging

Best iPhone Apps for Vlogging
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Have an iPhone and are looking to install the best iPhone apps for vlogging? You are on the appropriate page. 

Vlogging is just the act of uploading videos to different social networking platforms or internet video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

It is a booming market where your earnings are based on how many listeners you can command. In addition to others, vlogging platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube exist. 

At an all-time high, vlogging is quite popular. Many believe that making videos takes time and requires you to sit at your computer.

But is it true? Actually, no! Never before have recording and editing videos been so simple.

Thanks to the computing power of modern smartphones, you can record, edit, and post your videos while on the road. Just the correct applications will do for vlogging. 

The Apple iPhone is noted for having powerful and sophisticated cameras that can capture high-quality films (up to 4K, at 60 FPS).

Smartphones are lighter to transport than specialized equipment like DSLRs or prosumer cameras. As a result, the iPhone is the best device for vlogging (video in total).   

Some of the best iPhone vlog editing apps and tools are listed below: 

1. ViVaVideo 

First on our list of best iPhone apps for vlogging is ViVaVideo. The most popular mobile vlogging app is this one.

It has every tool you might possibly need to produce or edit expert-caliber videos that enthrall your intended audience.

All mobile cell phones, including those with outdated software, can use ViVaVideo. 

Features of ViVaVideo 

  • Excellent slideshow maker 
  • It includes expert video editing software. 
  • Effects for video 
  • Screen recording capability 
  • Camera with a unique video collage (PIP) 

2. Vlogit  

With the help of the free smartphone app Vlogit, you may edit movies using a simple interface. The app is created by WonderShare, a reputable software provider with its headquarters in the US.

This program has many helpful options that make video editing less stressful. When we refer to an app as being free, we mean that there are no additional fees. 

This program doesn’t put a watermark on your videos and has no restrictions on the maximum duration of videos you can edit. Additionally, it exports videos at 1080P definition without loss. 

Features of Vlogit 

  • Personalized YouTube video thumbnails 
  • Exporting lossless video to social media 
  • No time limit and no watermark 
  • Adds sound and video effects 
  • Adds voiceovers and music 

3. FilmoraGo 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for vlogging is FilmoraGo. Here’s another fantastic smartphone for amateur or seasoned vloggers. The software has a user-friendly design and many capabilities for enhancing your videos.

Everyone can edit like a pro with the FilmoraGo smartphone software! This is Filmora, a highly regarded PC video program created by WonderShare, in its mobile form.

It is made available on mobile so that vloggers do not have to download or pay for the expensive PC program to obtain nearly the same output on their phone with filmoraGo. 

Features of FilmoraGo 

  • Immediately share on several social media sites 
  • Elegant themes are available. 
  • Including music from various sources 
  • Export video aspect ratios to meet Instagram or YouTube — 1:1 for Instagram, and 16:9 for YouTube 
  • Professional video editing software, such as reverse play, 
  • Export HD videos without loss 

4. Splice 

An iOS app for editing videos is called Splice. Its user interface is relatively simple, making editing your vlogs on the iPhone fun. Due to its numerous capabilities, it can be compared in terms of performance to desktop applications.

This program offers additional in-depth features like removing your background from the vlog video and all the fundamental functions required to edit your videos. Exciting animations can also be added to the video segments.

You can also give your movie additional effects, filters, and transitions. Every vlogger should check out this other fantastic software. It is a GoPro product. Thus, we can consider it to be Quick’s sister.

Splice Video is a free video editor that works with iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. The features of this program are alluring and ideal for creating fantastic videos that viewers will adore. 

Features of Splice 

  • Your video will automatically synchronize to the beat of the background music. 
  • There are numerous filters to pick from, including overlays, title slides, etc. 
  • Distribution of videos instantly on various social media networks. 

5. KineMaster 

KineMaster is also one of the best iPhone apps for vlogging. This full-featured professional video editor offers a variety of video editing options for vloggers. Has an easy-to-use UI so that anyone may use the program comfortably.

Most video editing tools lack the ability for users to write directly on the video they are editing. However, the KineMaster Video Editor does. 

Features of Kinemaster 

  • Multiple layers of video 
  • Recording of audio and video in real-time 
  • Precision in FPS trimming 
  • Immediate preview 
  • Adjusting the speed of video clips 
  • Social media sharing instantly 

6. VideoShow 

This list would be lacking without mentioning the VideoShow Editor and Maker software. The user interface of this video mobile software is straightforward and user-friendly, and it includes many helpful packages for expert video editing. 

Since everyone can use this app, it doesn’t matter whether they’ve never used a video editing program; everyone can edit videos like an expert. 

Features of VideoShow 

  • No slideshows or movies with Crop Magic 
  • Exporting lossless HD video 
  • Simple to use interface 
  • Internal beauty camera 
  • Add images and stickers. 

7. iMovie 

For iPhones, a video editing program called iMovie uses simple multi-touch gestures. Videos and vlogs can be produced in 4K. 

Additionally, iMovie offers you a variety of themes with appropriate titles, transitions, and music. By choosing the best theme for your vlog, you can use any of them and significantly reduce the amount of editing you must do.

It also offers simple AirDrop and iCloud Drive file transfers between iPhones and iPads. Additionally, you can select to mirror your iMovie window on an external monitor while editing by connecting an external display to your iPhone. 

8. Inshot 

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for vlogging is Inshot. The Inshot video editing program is a full-featured multimedia editor that can be used to edit music, images, and videos. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you may use this tool to manage all of your editing needs. 

This app provides decent and sophisticated video editing capabilities and allows you to edit photographs to include with your videos. It is suitable for vlog videos because it offers voiceovers and audio editing features. 

This app is specifically made to incorporate the creation of social media material for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Through this tool, you may mix various videos for your vlog and change the tempo of the videos, which is crucial while editing any vlog. Additionally, this software allows you to choose voiceover and add your voice to the video. 

9. Adobe Premier Rush 

Adobe Premier Rush is also one of the best iPhone apps for vlogging. When Adobe Premiere Rush first debuted in 2018, mobile users could only use iPhones and iPads to access it.  

The free edition has a limited number of features. The paid edition, which costs $9.99 per month in subscription, is the real deal. 

In addition to editing videos, this tool also allows you to record high-quality recordings immediately. A timeline is another feature of Adobe Premiere Rush, where you can add up to four audios and three soundtracks.

This makes it easier for editors to add unique headlines, enhance colors, or overlay graphic elements over photographs. 

10. Camtasia Studio 

One of the most used programs for making screencasts is Camtasia Studio. You can create professional-looking videos using this app.

It is simple to use and has an intuitive UI. This app allows you to easily create videos for YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. 

11. Final Cut Pro X 

Last on our list of best iPhone apps for vlogging is Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro X is a capable video editing program for Mac and Windows computers. It has many advanced features, including color correction, effects, and more. 

Final Cut Pro X is compatible with Apple devices such as MacBooks, iPods, and iPhones. However, if you want to edit videos on your iPad, you’ll need to download the Final Cut Mobile app. 

The top vlogging applications for iOS smartphones are listed above. These apps are appropriate for aspiring influencers and video creators who wish to tell their tales to a global audience.

A different set of editing features are available in each program. You can select an app depending on the editing you plan to undertake. 

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