11 Best Upwork Alternatives to Consider

Best Upwork Alternatives
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Are you looking for better ways to earn money from home? If yes, UpWork is an excellent marketplace for that.

Upwork has over 2 million freelancers providing their services at reasonable rates. However, several other reliable job websites exist, and you might never have heard of them.

So, this blog post discusses the best Upwork alternatives to consider. If you find it challenging to get a job on Upwork, you should try these alternatives.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces in the world. It’s a site where people can offer their services as designers, developers, writers, and marketers. Fiverr is like Upwork, except you only need to pay per gig instead of per hour.

The site has thousands of categories, including writing, design, programming, translation, and voiceover.

You can also find social media management, marketing, SEO, and many others. There are plenty of opportunities available if you know what you want to offer. Further, you can make extra money by offering premium packages.

You can get started today by signing up with Fiverr. Once you sign up, you can create your gigs and start offering your services. You can choose how much you want per gig and what type of service you are willing to provide.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is another freelance website with millions of freelancers. We can classify it among the best Upwork alternatives because it has existed for a while.

The platform connects businesses with talented freelancers who provide services. And these services include web development, logo design contest, data entry, graphic design, editing, and proofreading.

Clients list their project requirements, and freelancers bid on those projects. As soon as the client approves a freelancer’s bid, they will start working on the project.

Freelancer offers two types of payment methods: hourly rate and fixed price. Hourly rate means the amount paid depends on how long the task takes.

However, a fixed price means a set fee for the project regardless of its duration. You can choose your price and work schedule when working through Freelancer.

Also, there are no limits on how much you can charge or how many hours you can work each week. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

3. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour is another excellent marketplace for qualified freelancers and potential clients to connect.

It targets business owners who need help with marketing, design, development, content writing, digital marketing, and more.

Also, it’s free to sign up and post jobs, but if you want to get paid, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium subscription plan.

There are three different plans available. Each plan comes with various features. For example, the basic plan gives you access to all the features plus unlimited bids. However, the advanced plan includes extra tools, like time tracking and invoicing.

On PPH, you can apply directly through the website or via Facebook. Once hired, you can log into your dashboard to see all your assigned tasks.

Furthermore, you don’t have to bother about the work schedule; PPH mainly comprises hourly projects.

4. Credo

Credo is also among the best Upwork alternatives to consider. It’s an online marketplace for remote workers that helps companies find reliable freelancers. However, these freelancers must have been vetted through background checks.

Credo is free, and workers get access to opportunities from thousands of companies.

The platform allows you to search for jobs based on skills, location, experience, and availability. Then, they will match you with potential employers looking for qualified candidates.

Once you accept a job, you can view detailed information about the employer, such as company size, number of employees, and industry. Then, you can decide whether you want to take the job. If so, you can upload relevant samples of your work.

Once approved, you can start working immediately. Payments are made weekly via PayPal.

5. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a job board for freelancers to find new clients. This service is like Upwork in terms of functionality. You can create profiles, add your portfolio, and manage your profile at Hubstaff Talent.

Also, Hubstaff Talent allows you to contact prospective clients directly. When you receive a message, you can respond right away.

After accepting a job, Hubstaff Talent allows you to track your progress and submit regular reports. In addition, you can use Hubstaff Talent to pay your bills automatically.

6. Workable

It’s only normal that Workable made it to the list of the best Upwork alternatives to consider. Workable is a talent pool of qualified freelancers and business people willing to work together.

As a business person looking to hire someone, you can browse their database. You can check a suitable freelancer by their skill set, location, and other criteria. After selecting a professional, you can send them a message to discuss your project further.

When both parties agree on a deal, you can proceed with the project. The payment process is simple: you enter your bank details, and then you’re done!

Further, Workable focuses exclusively on remote positions. It has a wide range of job categories, including full-time, part-time, and freelance. Also, it is free for all registered members.

7. Virtual Assistant Hub

VirtualAssistantHub is a virtual assistant platform designed specifically for small businesses. Here, you can hire virtual assistants (VAs) based on their skills. Tasks like data entry, web designing, transcription, and writing are available on VAH.

The pay offered varies depending on the type of assignment. For example, you can expect to be paid $25 per hour when you request to write.

When you ask for a customer support executive job, you can expect to receive $15 per hour sets.

You can choose between two packages: Basic and Premium. Both offer the same functionalities, but the premium package costs $19 per month.

However, the premium package provides extra features, including custom domain names.

8. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is among the excellent freelance platforms that showcase various freelance talents.

It’s one of the easiest ways to find experienced freelancers online offering popular services, including content marketing, proofreading, graphic design, and more.

Employers post jobs, and candidates bid on them. Candidates get paid through an escrow system; however, employers can pay freelancers directly without paying additional fees.

Further, prospective employers can interview and hire freelancers with real-time communication features built into the platform, like real-time private chat and browser-to-browser screen sharing. This makes the hiring experience faster.

9. Worknhire

Worknhire is an online marketplace where companies post jobs, and employees can bid for those jobs. Jobs include administrative tasks, graphic design, programming, and more.

Employees must have a portfolio to show off their abilities. Freelance workers can apply for any job posted on the site.

They will then be contacted if they’ve been selected as a candidate for the position. Payment is made through PayPal or Stripe.

10. Odesk Work

Odesk Work is a global outsourcing company that connects employers with remote workers. You don’t need to create a profile to apply for jobs. Instead, you simply upload your resume and wait for potential employers to contact you.

This service is perfect for anyone who wants to make money from home while working remotely.

However, there are many competitors out there, so you may want to narrow down your search until you find a provider that fits your needs.

Odesk’s most common industries include software development, customer support, writing, social media management, and translation. You can even use this alternative platform to find work as an event planner, marketer, or designer.

11. Zirtual

Zirtual is the last on our list of the best Upwork alternative platforms to consider. It allows users to create professional profiles by answering questions about their experience, education, and qualifications.

After completing the profile questionnaire, users receive proposals from employers interested in their services.

Users then pick the jobs they want to pursue. Employers can choose whether to accept applicants or not. In case they decide to hire someone, both parties sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the deal.


We hope we were able to give you enough information about Upwork alternatives. These sites are not only good options for getting some side income, but they’re also great ways to earn some fast cash. So, which one do you think is better? Let us know in the comments below!

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