11 Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

While a call is live, iOS prevents apps from recording audio. To record iPhone calls, there are no native call recorder apps for iOS.

It would help if you relied on phone recording applications to record voice calls on the iPhone. The top iPhone call recorder can capture both incoming and outgoing calls.

Depending on the software, these phone call recorder apps can record calls on the iPhone or a web server.

If you wish to use a call recorder, you must dial numbers on call recording apps to record calls. The alternative is configuring a 3-way iPhone call to record voice calls on the app’s server.

The best occasions to use call recorder apps for iPhone are when you want to listen repeatedly to a crucial call.

The best call recorder for iPhone is also useful if you need to train your customer service representatives or keep track of important client information.

Here are the call recorder apps for iPhone. 

1. Skype 

One of the nicest phone-related features offered by Microsoft’s Skype is the option to start recording a call immediately by pressing a button inside the same app currently conducting the call. 

This feature is only available for voice calls between two or more Skype accounts and not between phone numbers.

Still, it is free, simple to activate once a call has started, and the recording is accessible for download for all participants in the discussion log for 30 days. 

Some people may find the 30-day restriction inconvenient, but you can download the file as often as you’d like to your iPhone before the deadline for sharing or editing, and you can use it for anything you like for as long as you like after that. 

One of the most well-liked ways to record talks on the iPhone is undoubtedly by using Skype. So much so that many podcasters even utilize it to record their episodes. 

2. TapeACall 

One of the call recorder apps for iPhone, TapeACall, records incoming and outgoing calls.

When utilizing this call recorder app, there are no time or call limits for recording, and you can create as many records as you want for a one-time cost. 

The phone is saved to the TapeCall server by this voice recorder. You must make a 3-way call to begin recording calls, and after you hang up, the recordings will be available. 

Also, you can download or upload call recordings from the TapeCall server to your PC, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive. You can also move call recordings from the TapeCall server to new devices. 

3. Call Record 

Next on our list of call recorder apps for iPhone is Call Record. It allows recording all phone calls on an iPhone and is linked to the No Notes website and service.

Additionally, it provides a transcription service that may be ordered during or after listening to the tape. 

Transcription costs about $60 per audio hour, depending on your sector and typical spending habits.

It offers a variety of bundles for individuals who prefer a more personalized recording and transcription experience. 

4. Call Recorder-Int Call 

You can record outgoing iPhone calls on your phone with the Call Recorder software for iPhone.

The benefit of this call recorder is that recorded voice calls are saved privately to the iPhone instead of stored on a third-party server.

This call recording app charges you per minute to record calls, and you must purchase additional credits to utilize it. 

You must place calls directly from the app for the calls to be recorded. You may play back your iPhone call recordings on the device, sync them with your PC using iTunes, and give each recording a title.

Both domestic and international calls can be recorded because these calls are placed through the Call Recorder VOIP server.

To make the calls, you don’t need a SIM card installed; you need a strong Internet connection (WiFi/3G/4G). 

5. Record calls+ 

Record calls+ is one of the call recorder apps for iPhone. An entertaining iPhone app called Record Call+ allows you to record calls and add interesting filters that alter your speech and add background noises. 

This software is a wonderful option for individuals searching for something different, but there might be better options for those who require transcription or other professional functions. But be careful with the credit system.  

6. CallTap 

You may record incoming and outgoing calls with CallTap, a private and secure call-recording app for iPhones.

The number of calls you can record and the length of your recordings are unrestricted. 

You have two options for starting recording: either you may buy a subscription for the greatest value or minute packages if you only need to record one or two calls.

CallTap offers transcriptions of your recorded calls inside the iPhone app as an extra feature. 

Call transcription is possible with this capability in 30 different languages and dialects. With pay-as-you-go plans or a subscription, CallTap can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone. 

7. Call Recorder & Voice Memo 

Call Recorder & Voice Memo is one of the call recorder apps for iPhone, and it performs exactly what it promises.

Once configured, it records calls between multiple parties and functions as a voice recorder for when you wish to record a private message for later reference. 

For those unsure of how to record audio calls on the iPhone, this app is a wonderful place to start because it has a ton of tutorials, animation walkthroughs, and guides integrated into the user interface that completely explains all of its functions. 

Although Call Recorder & Voice Memo requires a monthly subscription, the cost is comparable to its competitors. 

8. iPadio 

In addition to being good for recording iPhone calls, iPadio has a 60-minute time limit.

Call one of your personal PIN-protected local Ipadio numbers to start recording calls using this app. Call the necessary number, then combine the two calls to begin recording. 

Using the voice call recorder, you may geo-locate your call record files and add titles, descriptions, and images.

The app allows iPhone users to live stream audio to the web or record it for later posting. 

9. Google Voice 

Next on our list of call recorder apps for iPhone is Google voice. With the help of Google Voice, you can get a phone number that can be forwarded to your landline or used on a computer or other smart device. 

One of its numerous capabilities is the ability to start recording incoming phone calls by just touching the number 4 once you pick up.

The only thing important is that you can record calls made to your iPhone from your Google Voice number. Since you can’t record calls you place to other people, you must ask them to call you back. 

10. Call Log Pro 

Before using this app, you must register with an email and password to log your calls into your account. 

To record calls, the Call Log Pro app requires that you place a call from the app.

The recording of your call is saved immediately after you finish it and hang up in the app’s “Call Log” section. 

Your call history will be displayed in your “Call Log,” arranged by date, time, call duration, and the person or number you phoned.

You can also give the recording a new name. You can pick a recording and send it to yourself through email. 

A .wav file containing the call record will be provided. Call Log Pro captures incoming and outgoing calls for a charge on the iPhone. 

11. Call Recorder- RecMe 

The last on our list of call recorder apps for iPhone is RecMe. RecMe functions similarly to many other iPhone call-recording applications on this list.

It has a great app design that is simple for novices and computer-savvy users—one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone. 

But its cost is what holds it back. When similar applications charge that much monthly, $9.99 for just a week of access is incredibly pricey.

RecMe can still be a viable fallback if a bug or lack of support causes the other applications to stop functioning. 

In conclusion, call recorder apps for iPhone have become a solution to suit different needs. Whether you need a free app or one that has more features, there is something out there for everyone. 

Google Voice, Call Log Pro, and RecMe are some options available. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your individual needs before 

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