How to Install GBA4iOS Emulator on iPhone and iPad?

Install GBA4iOS Emulator on iPhone and iPad

Classic games such as Pokemon, Mario, and Day of the Tentacle still have a massive fan following.

Unfortunately, people who use iOS devices can’t enjoy these classics because Apple’s App Store does not support any of these games, nor does it support emulator apps.

Despite the hindrance, you can play any of these retro games on your iPad or iPhone by installing GBA4iOS in Apple devices with iOS 13, 12, or even 11.

What is GBA4iOS, and how does it allow users to download classic games on their Apple device?

Well, the GBA4iOS stands for Gameboy Advance Emulator, and it enables you to download all Gameboy Advance games on your apple device.

Even though the installation process involves some form of a workaround, it is not so complicated.

Is GBA4iOS secure?

That is a crucial question, which a lot of people would be thinking about. From what other users have experienced after giving this emulator a good spin, we can confidently say it’s a safe bet.


GBA4iOS is a Gameboy Advance Emulator that allows you to play the best of Gameboy Advance games on your iPhone.

During the test we carried out, we did not spot any problems wrong with how it functions. With that pointed out, you can go ahead with the installation process at your own risk.

Emulators are created to allow you to play old video games such as Atari or Super Nintendo on your computer or smartphone.

These retro games are known as ROMs (Read-Only-Memory) and are software copies of CDs or cartridges like the Sega Genesis cartridge or the Sony PlayStation CD.

It is illegal to download ROMs because they are protected by copyright. We do not encourage you to download ROMs.

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPad and iPhone running iOS 13 or Earlier?

  • Step #1. Visit in Safari on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).
  • Step #2. Next, on the first page, you will see the install now an option; click on it. The browser will display the permission to download the configuration file on your iOS device. Click on the Allow button.
  • Step #3. Once you have downloaded the profile, go to the phone Settings app “General” Profile, search for the Tweakbox Profile, and proceed to install it.
  • Step #4. After that, return to the home screen of your iPhone. Look for the Tweakbox app and launch it.
  • Step #5. Click on the Apps tab and look for all the Apps that are under the Category of the Tweakbox app. Next, Scroll to find the GBA4iOS and install it.

How to Download ROMs of The Legend Of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, and Fire Emblem on iPhone

  • Step #1. After you have installed the GBA4iOS app successfully on your iOS device, go ahead and launch it.
  • Step #2. Now, click on the search button positioned at the top right corner.
  • Step #3. Next, you can select the game series to find ROM. Presently, there are 11 available options. (Developers have said that GBA ROMs are coming very soon.)If you would like to download other ROMs, simply search them on Google. In the test below, I’m going to show you how to download the ROM090 of Pokemon. You can select to go for any of your favorite games. The process is pretty much the same.
  • Step #4. Up next, select your preferred version. Click on the Download button.
  • Step #5. Click on Save in the popup.

Once you have successfully downloaded the ROM of your favorite game, proceed to launch it and get started.

How to Delete the GBA4iOS App from your iPhone

  1. If you ever feel the need to delete the GBA4iOS app, go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Choose Profile & Device Management
  4. Then Jiang Xi MicroBlog Technology Co., Ltd.a Delete App and confirm.

That is all about it!

The conclusion

Most people who have tried GBA4iOS find it pretty good. The app works pretty reliably, so you would not encounter any problem in cashing in on some of your best retro games.

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