12 Best Jukebox Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Jukebox Apps for iPhone and iPad

Jukebox apps for iPhone are software that can mimic the working of a jukebox to a great extent. Jukeboxes were the next best thing to happen with the introduction of home entertainment.

Before its inception, The original Jukebox was invented in 1889, and it consisted of a single-cylinder that held only two minutes of recorded sound.

This musical revolution made the Jukebox a popular fixture in bars and diners, but the subject of the music was primarily dictated by what the owner wanted to hear.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Jukebox was redesigned so each machine could store multiple records and play one loud enough for an entire room to hear.

The owner still set the volume controls, but now patrons could select which songs they wanted to hear. 

But jukeboxes are not just music sources; they are more than data storage devices. Today, many people use jukeboxes to listen to music rather than generate it themselves.

They tend to come in handy while one is busy massaging their body, preparing a meal, or generally doing tasks, hence my list of Jukebox apps for iPhone.

1. The Jukebox App

Many jukebox apps are available for the iPhone, but many only include a limited selection of songs for free. If you want to play your favorite hits on these apps, you’ll have to spend money.

The Jukebox App is one of the few with a massive catalog of music from all genres and eras—over 15 million songs in all—and it’s free! It allows you to create your playlists, search through its extensive database, or choose from its recommendations based on moods and activities.

For example, if you’re in the mood to dance, you can select “Dance Party” and get a playlist full of your favorite upbeat tunes.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for romance? The “Make Your Move” playlist has some great slow jams.

The app also uses social-networking integration to share your playlists and favorites with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also see what other people listen to, which is fun to browse when you’re bored at work or stuck in an airport.

The app even lets you add a personal touch by recording audio messages that will be played between songs; definitely at the top of my list of Jukebox apps for iPhone.

2. JukeLab

JukeLab is a jukebox app for iPhone. It allows you to play music from your iTunes library and browse through an unlimited number of songs from any genre.

You can play music from the Jukelab app or share it with other people who have Jukelab installed on their iPhone.

Put it this way: you’re walking down the street, and you see a friend across the way. You want to catch up on what’s been going on in your life, but there are only so many minutes left in the lunch break.

With JukeLab, you can send them one song or an entire playlist of songs that they can listen to while they walk to their next meeting.

JukeLab has a sleek design that makes it easy to use and fun to browse through the songs in your collection. JukeLab is free, so give it a try.

3. Jukebox 3D

Any Martinez of Jukebox 3D has developed a unique and valuable way to display your iTunes playlists on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The app allows you to design a 3D box that contains the titles of your songs and playlists. You can then use this box as a jukebox, with the songs and their track numbers appearing on buttons in the app.

When the user touches one of these buttons, it plays back the corresponding track, opening up in its window.

4. JUX – Mobile Jukebox

JUX is a mobile jukebox that lets you play music on your iPhone without syncing it with any other device. With JUX, the music comes right to you—no matter where you are, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tracks when you need them most.

The app makes it easy to find new music and share your own from an impressive catalog of over 10 million songs.

5. Jukebox Radio

Jukebox Radio is one of the top free apps for iPhone and iPad that allows you to customize your experience with the music you listen to on the go.

Now, what does that mean? Jukebox Radio will enable you to create playlists from YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, and even from your own iTunes library—no matter what type of music you enjoy, you are sure to find something you will love on Jukebox Radio.

This app is even more impressive because it boasts a database of over 3 million songs and allows users to search by genre and artist name.

This app also features a unique feature called The Queue, enabling users to build playlists while listening to music. What’s more? You can manage these playlists right from your phone through the app’s sleek interface.

6. JukeBox HD Mini 

JukeBox HD Mini is a jukebox app that allows you to put your music on shuffle and play it by shuffling through a list of song titles.

It also allows you to re-order the list of song titles, so if you don’t want one song to play after another, you can arrange the list, so it doesn’t happen.

7. Party Jukebox

The party jukebox app is a new way of listening to music. It’s a free app that lets you create playlists and share your playlists with others.

The party jukebox works because everyone has their lists, and you can choose which lists you want to listen to by following the people who created them.

You have unlimited access to any playlist on the app by doing this. And since all the playlists are shared, it’s easy to find new songs to listen to if you’re hosting a party or just hanging out with friends.

8. Retro Jukebox 

Retro Jukebox is an app that emulates the classic jukeboxes of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The app is free, so you can try it out and feel how it works without paying anything upfront.

The interface is straightforward—you tap the song you want to hear, and it will start to play. You can also save your favorite songs for easy access later on.

Regarding the quality of its music, Retro Jukebox offers a mixture of well-known hits from the classic eras and some more obscure tracks that only diehard fans might have heard before.

Furthermore, The sound quality is excellent, and if you’re looking for a way to get those old songs that your parents used to play when they were dating back into rotation in your life, this app will help you with that!

9. Bar DJ – Virtual Jukebox

There are several virtual jukebox apps available for the iPhone, but if you’re looking for something that will genuinely allow you to DJ like a professional, Denis Dretnik’s Bar DJ is the way.

It works with iTunes to access many songs and playlists, and you can control what’s playing in your virtual Jukebox from anywhere in the bar.

The app also has an excellent touch interface that’s easy to learn but still powerful enough to give you complete control over your music. You can even mark your favorite songs and create a playlist on the fly.

Bar DJ is great for bars that don’t have their music library or want the ability to change their playlist regularly—it can be an invaluable tool for DJs who might otherwise not have access to all the music they need to operate.

10. Jukebox

 This app is simple, and it works well. You can select from several different categories and play the music that’s already on your phone to create your playlist, but what’s cool about this app is its jukebox feature.

You enter a dollar amount for the “cost” of a song, then put in a list of songs you want to hear, and this Jukebox app will play them all for you.

It’s an excellent way to get music playing at a party or just as background music while hanging out with friends.

11. PB JukeBox

Packed with features and completely free, this app will quickly become your go-to jukebox app for iPhone.

The app is a huge success, with hundreds of thousands of downloads across the globe and a 4.5-star rating on the Apps Store for iPhone, making it one of the top Jukebox apps for iPhone.

With an evident dedication to its creation and innovation, PB JukeBox is far more than just another jukebox streaming service: an interactive venue-based experience with plenty of exclusive features that you won’t find on other apps like it.

One prominent feature that sets PB JukeBox apart from the competition is its ability to detect the phone’s motion and change songs accordingly, creating an illusion of a DJ scratching their records behind you.

This feature is excellent when you’re feeling spontaneous and want to shake things up, but if you prefer more control over the music selection, you can use any other features that don’t require motion detection. One of these features is called “Automatic DJ,” where you can pick out one.

12. Piano Jukebox

The Jukebox app is a new trend and is amongst the top jukebox apps in the iPhone app world. For classical music fans, the Jukebox app is a dream come true. It allows you to stream any of the thousands of songs in its database for as long as you like. 

Instead of creating a single app for one function, Jukebox creators have made several apps with a similar purpose by combining different functions to create one experience. For example, the Jukebox Piano app combines multiple music functions into one app. 

Though there are a few other apps out there with similar names, this app is unique because it can play any song into sheet music. With the help of this app, it can be used as an educational tool for musicians of all levels and ages.


This article shows you all Jukebox apps for iPhone that I found in the App Store that you could use to create your Jukebox. Many of them are old but working, so you can test them and see if they will fit your needs.

Of course, this list is not complete, and I will keep it updated for future releases of Jukebox apps for iPhone. Enjoy!

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