What is an OS (Operating System)?

What is an OS

An operating system is also known as the OS. This is a software program in a computer or smart devices that makes it possible for those devices to communicate.

The communication is possible because of the embedded system software. This makes computer and software to run because, without it, the whole thing is going to be useless.

Computers and most mobile devices cannot work in the absence of an operating system.

It can be regarded as the most functional aspect of the computer. When a computer was first introduced, its operations depended solely on what is known as the command line.

The interface has given way to what is known as the GUI which is the graphical user interface. Almost all computer makers have their GUI as the operating system.

This is much easier to operate, and use compared to the former system.

Types of operating systems

There are different types of the operating system. Even makers of the system have different versions of their operating systems.

1. Windows

When it comes to operating systems, windows have an edge because over the years they have introduced different versions of operating systems to the market. The most recent innovation from the company being Windows 10.

Before that, there were several others such as Windows 2007 and lower versions. The company improves the system just as the technology implies. The latest operating systems are bound to be better in terms of efficiency and performance than the preceding versions.

Windows 10, for instance, can be used on the PC as well as IBM. This is compatible with several devices. Some of the devices that run on the previous versions of the company can run on this version as well. The major difference has to be in the area of their performance.

2. Apple MacOS

Apple is another great provider of OS. Just like Windows, the company has introduced different versions of OS on the market. The latest model from the company includes Apple MacOS.

This incidentally is the only operating system the company has introduced to the computer world. However, they have a different system for mobile devices as you can see later.

3. Ubuntu Linux

Linux is another reputable name when it comes to the introduction of OS. The most recent from the company is the Ubuntu Linux and this remains the most popular.

This can be used on the computer as well as IBM. It is compatible with some of the devices that run on previous versions of the company.

4. Google Android

When it comes to the mobile network and devices, Google Android is the clear leader. This is used in various tablets, phones, cars, watches and TVs. Before you use them, try to find out whether the system is compatible with the device.

5. iOS

Something was said about apple product before. The company has made a great impact on the production of operating systems for mobile and telephone. This is the system that runs on the iPhone as well as iPads and other Apple mobile products.

6. Chromium

It is another Google products and this device works with chrome books. The most important thing that you need to know is that computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones depend on operating systems for their performance.

You have heard of these operating systems in the past once you have used a computer, for instance, the most popular of such include the following:

Windows products such as Windows 10, Windows 8 as well as Windows 7. There is also Windows Vista, Windows Ultimate as well as Windows XP and several other lower versions of that operating system company.

Just as the computers run on operating systems, the same thing is applicable to your smartphones and they run on operating systems as well. The most popular operating systems for smartphones include Google Android and the Apple iOS.

These are the leading names in the mobile phone world. Most devices utilize these operating systems and that is why they have the best in the world.

Everything that you watch on the internet today run on the operating system. Certain software runs on an operating system. Because of that, the element of compatibility is very important.

Software and operating systems

Software makers take the issue of the operating system very seriously. Because of that, it is common to see some products that run on a specific operating system, but they cannot run on others.

If you have ever tried a download, you would see that the software would notify you on the type of ground and software that it can support.

You must always take that issue very seriously. You must know the kind of operating system that you are currently using and ensure that what you download is compatible with that operating system.

However, it is common to see such software developers creating an additional version of their software. When you are using the software, ensure that you use only those that are meant for your OS.


It is important to know that the operating system runs on the bit and you have to know whether it runs on 32 bit or 64 bit. You know this before you begin your download.

Functions of the operating system

Operating systems perform important functions and they include the following functions. They engage in file management.

  1. Processor management
  2. Memory management
  3. Security
  4. Device management
  5. Control of system performance
  6. Error detecting aids
  7. Job accounting as well as software use coordination and so on.

Perhaps the most important function that the system does for you is the issue of memory management. Primary or major memory is very important because it determines the efficiency of any system.

This is where storage is done in the system. If it is not well managed, safe and secure data could be lost. The operating system monitors the memory available such as those that are in use and those that are not in use.

Furthermore, the operating system shares the memories that are available in a system. It decides which system gets which memory. Without good memory management, you discover that the whole system would crash and that means a huge loss.

No person would want that experience and that is why such management is very important.

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