7 Best Read-it-later Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Read-it-later Apps for iPhone and iPad

You’ll find much interesting content online but don’t have the time to read them.

That shouldn’t be a problem because there are several read-it-later apps you can download.

However, some apps can’t work for iOS, only Android, so I’ll be discussing the read-it-later apps for iPhone and iPad. Read on.

1. Pocket

Pocket is one of the most popular read-it-later apps that has been in existence since 2007.

It has a simple interface design that makes it easy for users to use. You can save your favorite links, articles, and videos when you’re less busy.

Also, the app gives you the chance to customize it to your taste. Pocket works well with more than 300 apps, including Twitter, with more than 10 million users.

Further, this app doesn’t need an internet connection, and it syncs across all your devices.

Download Pocket

2. Instapaper

Instapaper is another great app that saves all your interesting content for later. It features several tools that make the reading experience enjoyable.

You also don’t have to waste data while reading your favorite stuff because it works offline.

Instapaper allows you to sort your content based on date, popularity, or length. There is also a text-to-speech tool that makes you listen to articles.

So, you can have the app read to you while you’re busy doing other things. It’s even controllable from your Apple Watch.

Download Instapaper

3. Raindrop.io

Raindrop.io is also among the best read-it-later apps for iPhone and iPad.

This bookmark app allows you to save and organize your stuff for later. It doesn’t matter how much content you have saved; this app has a search feature.

Raindrop.io has two versions; free and paid. Though the free version has several features, you can subscribe to the paid version if you want more.

There is a blue icon in the taskbar that stores your bookmark extensions. Also, users can share their bookmarks for the public to see. Lastly, it supports English, French, Dutch, and more languages.

Download Raindrop.io

4. Reeder 5

Reeder 5 saves your stuff to Safari for you to read them later. It comes with the support of services like Fever, Instapaper, and more.

Also, it has a nice interface design, and you can use several themes for your convenience.

After reading, you can share your articles through Twitter, Mail, and Facebook.

Furthermore, Reeder 5 has several ways to synchronize feeds, an iPad layout, etc. Though Reeder 5 is not free, you’ll enjoy it for $4.55 only.

Download Reeder 5

5. Matter

Matter is another fascinating app among the read-it-later apps for iPhone. It has a read-it-later feature and a slew of social features.

You can subscribe to email newsletters and fellow writers. There’s even a recommended feed that shows you content you might like.

The software is still in beta and only works on the iPhone. However, a web extension allows you to store articles from anywhere.

Download Matter

6. InstaWeb

The InstaWeb app shows your saved articles neatly, allowing you to read them confidently. You can also use the in-app browser to browse the web safely.

You may easily convert pages to PDF with the built-in PDF converter. It allows you to sync your files with Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to access them from any device. You’ll also be able to send your PDF by email and message.

Download InstaWeb

7. PaperSpan

This list of the best read-it-later apps for iPhone would be incomplete without the PaperSpan app. It has many nice features that make reading easier and more fun.

The best thing about this app is that it can automatically assign your saved articles to the right groups of people.

That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting your stories into different groups.

You can open the app and search for the type of articles you want to read or go to your favorite category.

Whether at home or not, you can read and manage your articles. Also, the app reads articles to you while doing other things.

Download PaperSpan

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