9 Different Types of Keyboards

Different Types of Keyboards
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The Keyboard is essential computer hardware that holds all the alphabets, symbols, numbers, and special characters.

People use it to enter input data text into a desktop computer for output results on the screen.

However, the majority of people are unaware that there are various types of keyboards.

Most of us are only familiar with the introductory keyboards that come with our computers and do not look for alternative keyboards.

We type away, ignorant to the possibility that there could be a better one out there for us.

Nonetheless, consider the following keyboards to fit your typing and convenience demands.

1. Laptop Keyboard

A laptop keyboard, also the QWERTY keyboard is a keyboard that is used in laptops.

Laptop keyboard layouts are slightly different from standard keyboard layouts due to the size of the computer.

However, the inventors removed the right-hand numeric keypad from the Keyboard to make the computers smaller.

If you switch from a desktop keyboard to a laptop keyboard, you may have trouble distinguishing between the buttons while typing.

The Laptop Keyboards have some distinguishing features;

  • LED backlighting: the wireless Keyboard has a backlighting system that allows you to see every button clearly, even in the dark. Energy-saving Auto Sleep and Auto Wake modes.
  • Touchpad: A mini backlit keyboard is part of the innovative function of the trackpad to replace the mouse wheel, eliminating the need to carry an extra mouse. Turn on the Keyboard. Then, slide your finger on the trackpad to facilitate the realization of mouse wheel functions. Thus, making it easy to control your laptop/computer and Android TV.
  • User-friendly design: the small Keyboard looks like a game controller, making it easy to grasp and operate.

2. Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia Keyboard is one of the different types of keyboards.

Because the user’s hands are usually on the Keyboard, these keyboards offer the advantage of performing tasks much faster than those performed directly with a dedicated button.

They resemble standard keyboards but have a set of keys that allow you to control the most popular features of multimedia content players directly, such as Play, Stop, Resume, Rewind, Mute, Volume, and so on.

The Keyboard has the following features which are;

  • At the push of a button, you may surf the web, send an email, launch My Computer, and more.
  • Hot Keys boost productivity by reducing the number of times you have to take your hand away from the Keyboard – for example, to use a mouse.
  • Shortcut keys are cleverly organized by command and enable one-press access to widely used programs.

3. Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are not like other keyboards as they have no space between the individual keys.

An outline on these pressure-sensitive keys splits each symbol, letter, or number.

However, people used Polyester or Polycarbonate films with conductive inks to create membrane-based keypads, which they also call membrane switches and membrane keyboards.

There are two layers of printed circuitry – one on top and one on the bottom.

4. Wireless Keyboard

On the other hand, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboards connect to the terminal without wire cords.

Because there are so many wireless keyboards on the market, users should thoroughly examine the offers and features before settling on a particular model.

There are a lot of distinct designs of wireless keyboards with varying key counts.

These keyboards are a great addition to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, where typing is essential.

5. Projection Keyboard

Projection keyboards connect wirelessly to a tiny PC, tablet computer, or smartphone.

A laser keyboard is projected on any plain surface of your choice.

Your keystrokes are recorded, and the device responds when you type on the hologram of the Keyboard’s keys. The future is here!

6. Mechanical Keyboard

There are switches under each key on mechanical keyboards, as opposed to rubber membranes found on most keyboards.

Mechatronic keyboards with physical switches have a less “mushy” sensation, allowing precise and accurate typing.

Outside of e-sports, mechanical keyboards can be a worthwhile investment. These keyboards are excellent.

Others, however, prefer mechanical keyboards for their additional functionality (programmable RGB lighting, extra function keys for key binds, etc.)

It’s worth it if you like it.

7. Gaming Keyboard

Inventors designed this Keyboard for prolonged usage and frequently have ergonomic designs and LED keys for playing at night.

Moreover, these keyboards are equipped with programmable keys that they may customize according to your gaming preferences.

The keys, such as W, A, S, D, and the space bar, have an extra thick coat of paint.

8. Ergonomic Keyboard

This type of Keyboard is meant to decrease the wrist strain and other difficulties resulting from typing all day continuously.

RSI, which can be induced by using keyboards for lengthy periods, is prevented by utilizing these keyboards.

An ergonomic keyboard is built such that the hands are angled in the direction they naturally fall, and the wrists are often cushioned.

9. Flexible Keyboard

People on the go can use these keys in the same way as a standard keyboard.

Silicium has water and dust resistance and does not require continuous cleaning.

Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts will like these keyboards, which can be folded up and tucked into a backpack, and are rugged enough to withstand the elements.

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  1. My hands and fingers seem to cause keyboard inputs that are unintended. My hand and finger coordination are impacted by early experience with typewriters. I tend to “rest” my hands and fingers on and around the keyboard. My first laptops did not produce the errors. As the years went by, my errors increased from the change in design and sensitivity of the key board. Also, the elimination of beginning and end keys bothers me. What are the best solutions to these problems?

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